Young ethnic businesswoman eating a pastryIt doesn’t matter what you’re trying to curb in your life—the consumption of sugar, overeating, or snacking in between meals. When it comes to improving your diet, increasing your energy and boosting your productivity, the office environment at large can be diet sabotage (no matter how determined you are to stick to your guns!) Here are some ways to beat the 3pm sugar cravings, pass on your cubicle buddy’s cupcakes and say “No thanks!” to a piece of your co-worker’s birthday cake.

Eat a Protein Fueled Breakfast

When it comes to eating right, eating clean and accomplishing your weight loss goals, no other type of food is better to depend on than protein. Eggs, yogurt, cheese, lean cuts of chicken, shrimp, and vegetables are all fantastic foods that allow you to get and stay full all morning long. Make-ahead soufflé muffins are a great way to have a healthy meal on the go. Simply whisk together 8 eggs, beau monde seasoning, salt, pepper, cut up broccoli florets and a sprinkling of cheese. Spray a muffin pan with cooking spray and fill each cup with the mixture, about ¾ of the way full. Bake at 350 degrees for about 30-40 minutes. Enjoy!

Take Once an Hour Water Breaks

If your body is about 50-60 percent water, face it: your body probably needs more of it, as you send emails, organize meetings, and facilitate brainstorming sessions. Take a much needed break to the water cooler once an hour. If you get easily distracted (and bombarded) by a demanding workload (“Who has time to drink water when I have a deadline to meet?”) set the timer. Remind yourself that drinking water isn’t just essential for your organs to work properly, and your mind to be clear. It’s essential if you want to lose inches around your middle, and get your sexy back!

Keep Snacks on Hand At All Times

Healthy lunch at officeWhen it comes to resisting workplace temptation, it’s not just a matter of willpower. It’s a matter of convenience. Currently, think about what’s easily in view when you get hungry. Is it your co-workers gigantic jar of M&M’s she offers you twice a day? Is it the vending machine that’s packed with your favorite chips? Try this instead: keep a stash of your favorite healthy snacks to munch on. That way, you’ll never have an excuse to grab a pizza, or stock up on Snickers bars when you find yourself starving. Keep a can or two of tuna and whole wheat crackers, peanut butter (almond, sunflower, or cashew butter works too!), trail mix, a variety of fresh fruit including apples and oranges (spread some nut butter on apple slices for a smart protein pick me up!), and prepare small bags of nuts for an easy snack.

No matter what you choose to snack on, make sure it’s packed with essential vitamins and minerals that keep your brain moving, and your waistline slimming down! As much time as you spend at work, shouldn’t you be smart about the food you eat there? When you think ahead, stay hydrated and keep a stash of healthy options on site, you’ll be able to stay on track!