After a long day at work or school, running errands, preparing meals, and handling things around the house, you may be ready to finally relax with your favorite hobby. If your hobby is mostly sedentary, you might not be getting enough physical activity and exercise. Health experts recommend that adults get at least 30 minutes of moderately intense activity every day. Learn how to incorporate more physical activity into hobbies that are usually sedentary.


Try Active Transportation


If your hobby requires traveling, try active methods of transportation to get there. Rather than driving to the movie theater, ride your bike. Instead of driving to the trailhead to sit at a bench and watch birds, park in the lot that’s a mile or two away. If you live in a rural area and need to go into town to get hobby supplies from different places, park in a central location. Walk to each store or stops you need to make. Each return trip to your vehicle to drop things off will help you get steps.


Exercise While You Shop


Many hobbies require a regular stream of supplies. For example, knitters will need new skeins or hanks of yarn for each project. If you shop at a big box store for your hobby supplies, park as far away as possible. Walk a few laps through the store. While you wait in line, do some stretches with your calves.


Try a Variation of Your Hobby


If you love to read fiction novels as your main hobby, consider getting some audiobooks. Stream them through your earbuds while you go on a run, walk, or bike ride. If video games are your thing, try a few of the games that incorporate a lot of movement. For each half-hour, you play an active video game, treat yourself to 15 minutes of your favorite game that doesn’t involve much movement.




Practice multitasking while you engage in your hobbies. Knitting and crocheting are usually sedentary activities, but they don’t have to be. Put your yarn in a messenger style bag, and go for a slow walk outdoors or on your treadmill. March in place while you knit or read a book. Consider purchasing a gently-used recumbent bike or exercise bike. You could read, do crossword puzzles, or color while exercising your legs. When you do have to sit, an exercise ball is a good choice. It works your core muscles as you try to stay balanced.


Start a New Active Hobby


Even if your funds are limited, you could still start a new active hobby that will incorporate more physical activity into your day. If you played sports as a teenager, many community organizations offer adult sports leagues that are free or have a small fee. Many communities also have fitness walks, birding tours, fall foliage hikes, and other events that you can do at no cost.