Girl enjoying music while working outPumping iron, crunching and improving your muscle mass is all fine and good – but how long can you remain motivated to continue the climb? One of the greatest challenging of improving your physical body is facing every day putting in your best work – whether that’s at the gym, or outside in your boot camp class. The body follows the mind, so when you are motivated, your body does the heavy lifting – literally – to manifest the body you strive for. Keep that beat going with some good beats! In other words, make the most of your workout by playing the right stuff to listen to along the way.

Research Shows That a Good Beat Matters

During a recent study on the effects of music, research showed that is wasn’t the particular type of music that made the biggest impact, but the distraction of music itself that allows those exercising to keep their pace going strong. In other words, when you exercise without music, you have negative self-talk to combat against, and the quiet, repetitive nature of stair stepping, lifting or squatting working against you.

It’s easier to give up when you’re focused on nothing but your stride, pedaling or lifting. But, play your favorite rock songs and crank up the volume and before you know it, you’ve just ran five miles in your shortest time ever. Music is distraction, which is why it help your workout, session after session.

Music Motivates (It’s True!)

Do you think that music positively affecting your workout is just a myth? Listen to this one: If you’re a regular at the gym and are prone to working out the same muscle groups (and with repetitive methods of exercise) day in and day out, music has the power to change your results.  Create a playlist on your iPhone of your favorites—anything that makes you feel good—and you’ll have a tendency to stay put in the weight room longer.

The right type of music (not too fast or too slow) can perk up your energy level. Start off with a pretty ballet when you’re doing your warm-up, and as you start cranking up the intensity on the stair master or begin a fast pace on the treadmill, choose a faster beat on your playlist. Studies show that the music that increases in intensity will help you get through an intense workout at a whole new level!

You already have what it takes to plow through any workout like a champ. Now, with music by your side, you have the tools you need to work out faster, harder and more intense than ever before!