Thinking woman looking on question and exclamation above on greyChoosing the right personal trainer for you one of the most personal choices you’ll ever make for yourself. Each trainer offers a different approach, which is in line with their qualifications, experience and expertise. Do you want someone who specializes in women’s fitness, or one that will help you achieve a Sylvester Stallone physique? Here’s a breakdown of what to search for, so that you get a bang for your buck!

Your Goals are in Line With Theirs

Be picky about the trainer you choose, as it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make. You can weed through the vast selection you have of trainers available to you by knowing what your goals are. Do you want to lose inches off of your mid-section, or learn to properly train for your first IronMan? Do you prefer a ‘tough love’ approach to exercising, or a gentle trainer that will motivate you through words of encouragement along the way? Begin your search for the perfect trainer by knowing your goals, and committing to finding one that supports them—no matter how long it takes.

Personality Plays a Role

No matter how badly you want a washboard stomach, or lean, toned legs, personality plays an important role in a successful trainer/client relationship. After all, presentation is everything—and if your trainer’s aggressive communication style conflicts with your passive one, how motivated will you really be to tone and tighten? Personal trainers don’t come in a ‘one size fits all’, so take your time discussing your goals, past experience with exercise and aspirations with not one—but several trainers—before deciding on the best one for you. Understanding where they are coming from can give you that once in a lifetime opportunity to earn that body you’re paying for!

They Have the Experience You Need to Succeed

How many trainers are under consideration? Once you have come up with a ‘top 3’ list of trainers that understand what you want to achieve, ask yourself another important question: “How will they help me achieve it?” Every trainer offers a different approach to fitness and often, their ‘approach’ is based off of their qualifications and experience. Research each trainer’s background as you would a potential doctor, therapist or a school you’re considering attending. What qualifications do they have? What training did they undergo? What’s their specialty?  When you understand where a trainer is coming from, you can be confident that you’re choosing the right one.