Creating a home workout routine can help you to deal with the stress of COVID by adding a sense of stability to your life. Here are a few different workouts you can try to help relieve stress from this illness.


1. Arm Strengthening


Arm exercise programs help to increase the endurance of your arms and your diaphragm. You can complete arm strength exercise programs with or without weights for added difficulty. Each time you lift up your arms, you should inhale, and when you put your arms down, remember to exhale. This exercise can be completed each day with approximately 10 repetitions.


2. Yoga (Downward Dog)


The downward dog is a yoga exercise where you start out on all fours with your hands placed squarely under your shoulders and your knees bent under your hips. You then curl your toes under and position your hips towards the ceiling. In the end, your body should be bent.


3. Yoga (Warrior Pose)


For the warrior pose, you need to stand a minimum of 3 feet apart and turn the right foot out to make an angle, with the left foot tucked in somewhat. Bring your hands up towards your hips and try to relax your shoulders. Bend your knee as though you are about to propose, then place your arms to the side. Hold this pose for about a minute, and then switch over to the other side.


4. Walking


If you don’t happen to have any exercise equipment in your home, walking is a great exercise for reducing both stress and stress-related incidents such as heart disease, diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases. This is because walking transmits a message to the nervous system to slow down and relax major muscle groups.


5. Pilates


Pilates keeps your spine in alignment, encourages core strengthening, and allows you to fully focus on how your body feels.


6. Tai Chi


Tai Chi, much like pilates, encourages awareness of the body and of your surroundings. Because you are focused on your next move, you don’t have time to worry about what’s happening with COVID cases.


7. Dancing


Dancing has benefits that extend far beyond simply reducing stress levels; dancing can also enhance your ability to process emotions and information. With dancing, you have the opportunity to improve on your overall agility while practicing being graceful.


8. Qigong


Qigong is similar to Tai Chi in that they both originate from China and center around focusing on your breath and paying close attention to your body. Qigong, however, is often practiced in tandem with acupuncture.


9. Breathing Exercises


If the COVID situation is making you feel especially anxious, breathing exercises can be a useful tool. Simply breathe in through your nose through a count of four for the inhale, and purse your lips for the exhale.


10. Ride Your Bike


Riding your bike helps you maintain balance and gives your legs a thorough workout. Therefore, it’s a good distraction from stress.