Are you consuming daily bags of potato chips from the office vending machine, and then suffer from a food coma after lunchtime? If so, a bad diet—thanks to the unhealthy choices stocked in the break room—may lead to a decrease in productivity, production, and motivation. Healthy snacks equal a productive work day, so whether you’ve got emails to send, clients to make happy, or spreadsheets to complete, our healthy snack ideas are the perfect solution.
Make Your Lunch
The typical lunch out (half a sandwich and salad at your local bistro can still amount to high calories—as much as 600!), so save yourself and your waistline added pounds by packing your own lunch. Since winter is here, why not pack a mason jar packed with a healthy version of ramen soup? Here’s how to make it, and it’ll only take you five minutes:
•    In an empty mason jar (the mini ones are the perfect size), load it up with the following ingredients: chicken or beef bouillon cubes (2), shredded chicken, peas, diced onion.
•    Add pre-cooked ramen noodles, fresh dill, and seal the jar.
•    When you’re ready for lunch, just add hot water!
If ramen isn’t your thing, you can also prepare lunch with a feast of different snacks (hummus and pita bread, olives, cheese, and yogurt), or prepare a grilled salmon fillet, and bring all the greens to put together an easy protein-rich salad.
photodune-1471486-bagel-peanut-butter-and-apple-xsStash Those Snacks!
If you’re serious about losing weight, filling up on mini-meals packed with protein, healthy fats and fiber is the key. Stash green apples and peanut butter for a healthy treat, trail mix (loaded with a combination of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit), and give yourself a square of dark chocolate to overcome a mid-afternoon slump.
Make Healthy Snacking as Easy as Possible
The easier you can make healthy eating, the more likely you’ll be to keep it up past New Years. Instant oatmeal packets, which are only 100 calories per packet, are a great desk snack. Think beyond breakfast! While oatmeal is typically a breakfast food, it’s a perfect afternoon mini-meal that will leave you feeling full and satisfied.
Another healthy snack is popcorn. Either buy the 100 calorie packets at the grocery store, or for an even healthier snack, pop your own at home with olive oil. Top with salt and pepper, or your favorite popcorn seasoning.
When you take the time to prepare and plan ahead for healthy snacking at work, you’ll continue snacking on it!