Sometimes it doesn’t seem that there are enough hours in the day. Unfortunately, when we get busy, among the first things to go are the healthy habits that give us the energy to

power through jam packed days. No matter how busy you are you can put breakfast back in your morning plans with these easy picks that are perfect when you are on the go.

Spread avocado on whole grain toast

Healthy Homemade Avocado ToastAvocados have more potassium than bananas and they provide almost twenty vitamins and minerals in each serving. Their fiber content helps you feel full longer so you don’t binge midday. Avocados are great for your skin and blood pressure, too. Spread a ripe one a piece of toast; add a squeeze of lime and sprinkle of salt. You’ve got a tasty one hand breakfast that is a lot better for you than that doughnut you were thinking about.  The bonus – no sugar crash.

Whole grain waffle with peanut butter

Toast the waffle lightly and spread with peanut butter. Fold and head for the door with

your handful of goodness. Your body will appreciate the feel good fuel that keeps the

midmorning slump at bay. You will also enjoy the benefits of whole grain including

vitamin b, which gives you energy, fiber, magnesium and selenium. Whole grains help

you manage your weight and reduce your risk of heart disease.

Greek yogurt with blueberries

yogurt with blueberryGreek yogurt has plenty of protein, which is good for building muscle and improving brain function. Blueberries are a tasty superfood that gives you needed antioxidants and fiber. Some studies have shown they also aid in the reduction of belly fat, prevention of cancer and elimination of free radicals in the body. Keep blueberries in the freezer so you can enjoy their benefits year round. Maybe you can’t eat this one in the car, but it is easy to have at your desk or as you are getting ready.

Scramble wrap

You really do have time for eggs in the morning. Give a microwave safe bowl a light

coating of non stick spray, add an egg or two, scramble and zap it for about 40 seconds. Turn onto a whole wheat tortilla and top with salsa. Voila! A quick and healthy breakfast.

This is a good one because eggs also have protein and the salsa helps you jumpstart your

veggie intake for the day. Alternatively you can add a few spinach leaves.


Fruit and cheese

When you are busy, it doesn’t get any faster than grabbing a piece of fruit for breakfast.

Have apples, pears and bananas on hand because they are easy to eat in the car. If you can, add a slice of cheese or a hard boiled egg for a quick meal on the go that is healthy but doesn’t wreak havoc on your schedule.

No more excuses. You can get in a healthy breakfast even if you haven’t a minute to spare. Use these ideas to give your body the good energy it needs to make it a great day.