Walking the dog in forestForgot the saying that goes, “A dog is a man’s best friend”. As far as your concerned, a dog is an ‘every person’s best friend’—and that goes double for you. Your dog is an honorary family member and a true companion.  So why exercise by yourself when you could do it with your best bud? The truth is, when you work out alongside your four legger friend, both you and your dog benefit. Fight obesity, rev up your metabolism and achieve a more active lifestyle is the name of this game, and we’re here to tell you how to get it done.

Brisk Interval Walking

Does gaining back the weight you worked so hard to lose bring on the blues? If so, there’s no better cure than a walk, and no companion better suited to pass the time by than your pooch. Pick any landscape that fits your fancy: a scenic hike at your state park, flat terrain in your neighborhood or a fast paced walk during sunset. Start with a warm-up walk by moving at a moderate pace, and then every few minutes crank up the speed, (so that your ending speed is exerting enough energy that makes it difficult to talk out loud.

Marathon Training/Jogging (Depending on the Energy Level of Your Pooch)

Are you ready to challenge yourself—and push your endurance? Then get ready for the test of all tests, because marathon training is no joke. While training for a 10K or triathlon requires serious prep time and perseverance, it becomes just a little bit easier when you have your dog training alongside you.

Be mindful of your breed, and just make sure that a weekday run in the hot sun won’t cause dehydration with your pooch. Schedule your runs to work for both you and your dog, and be mindful of his/her energy levels and overall physical shape.

Young woman swimming with dog,Aquatic Fitness

Who says you have to exercise with your pooch on land? Get creative about your workouts in order to beat a weight loss plateau or boredom. Do you have a Labrador or golden retriever? If so, that breed is the perfect reason to take your workout ‘aquatic’ a few days per week—and as a result, start shredding some serious pounds.

You spend enough time away from your dog while you’re a work, so don’t waste another minute feeling guilty about being at the gym. Exercise with your dog, and both of you will benefit—physically, mentally and emotionally!