It’s August, which means that it’s hotter than it’s ever been, deadlines are mounting on your to-do list, and (just maybe) you’ve lost sight of your fitness goals from the New Year. If you were dead set on dead lifts, squats and lunges back in January, but your workout the last few months has been put on the back burner, have no fear. Everything you’ll find in this article will get you back on track, and sprinting towards success, once again.

What Were Those New Year’s Resolutions, Anyways?

New year Resolutions NoteNew Year’s resolutions can be a bit finicky. One day you’re making a decision with all the conviction in the world that you’re finally going to tone up and slim down. Maybe you even made great headway towards accomplishing those goals… but then what happened? Where did the steam go? What replaced your motivation to become better, happier, and healthier?

No matter how far off course you’ve veered, the present moment is everything—because in one instant, you have the power to change it all (from your thoughts to your workout.) Below, find some of the best tips for readjusting your goals, working out creatively (instead of repetitively) and taking it outdoors (in order to beat the battle of the plateau.)

  • You can’t rewind, so readjust. Many people get stuck in a sedentary pattern because they’ve taken some missteps in their workout routine. Perhaps they started off in a full force workout, but quickly lost their steam, or maybe they suffered from an injury. Maybe they got bombarded by obligations at work and put exercise off. Whatever your case is doesn’t matter. Don’t overthink why you haven’t stepped foot in the gym for weeks, or months. Why doesn’t matter. ‘How’ does. 

Focus on ‘how.’ How can you change your evening, so that you don’t fall into the ‘couch watching for hours’ routine? Can you head straight to the gym for a 5:30 yoga class or weight lifting session before going home? When your solution oriented about your workout, you’ll always find a way to fit exercise into your years resolution

  • Get creative about getting back to the gym. We know that finding the time to work out isn’t easy. But here’s the thing about developing a good, old-fashioned, healthy habit: the first step is always the hardest. To make it easier, why not rely on the buddy system to get you going? Head to the gym with a friend, or significant other. Set goals together. Work out together, and as a result, achieve milestones together—which will strengthen your bond and improve your health at the same time. It’s a win/win!
  • Take it outside. If you’re used to an inside-only workout (which makes you feel like you’re under house arrest, workout-wise), then you’ve GOT to change it up. Here’s what happens if you don’t: you’ll be more prone to giving up, taking off early, and minimizing your ambition to be your fittest you, ever. Going outside allows you to rake in some vitamin D, improve your mood and take in some fresh air. Kayak, bike ride, or hike a nearby trail, and you’ll discover that you’ve never felt better.

When it comes to fulfilling New Year’s resolutions, perfection is not the answer. Movement is. Daily movement, whether it’s lifting in the weight room or making a few laps around your office at work is what counts the most. Stay focused, and stay committed to your health, wellness and happiness. It’s the most important thing of all.