Gym etiquette seems to be a lost art


Gym space is shared space. That means the ways we conduct ourselves in that space impact everyone’s experience. Are you helping to make the gym a pleasant place for everyone? Or are you the dreaded member most others love to avoid? Let’s take a look.

Sharing is caring

The old rules of kindergarten apply at the gym. Let others have a turn, or in other words – don’t hog the machines. Make room for others to work in between your sets. On the cardio equipment, take care to observe posted time limits. If the rule is 30 minutes max for the elliptical, honor that if others are waiting.


Sweat isn’t sexy

At least not when dripping from gym equipment anyway. Most gyms make sanitizing supplies available for a reason. They make clean up and germ management easier. Clean up after yourself, even if you don’t sweat. Be especially diligent during cold and flu season.


Don’t phone home

You may be a scintillating conversationalist, but it’s a sure bet your fellow gym goers don’t care to hear your convo. Wrap up all talk about who did what to whom and what the world needs now before you walk in the gym.


Music should make only your world go around

Your playlist includes all your faves. You chose it. Likewise, everyone else made their own choices. Here, sharing is not caring…wear headphones.


Instagram will go on without you

Skip selfies and videos at the gym. Documenting your workout has a purpose under limited conditions. That said, there are few good reasons to post your every workout move. It just isn’t necessary. Obviously, posting videos and photos of someone other than yourself (without their knowledge or permission) is an absolute no-no. Just say no.


Be kind

Why not share a smile or short hello if that seems appropriate? Greet the person at the front desk. Leave the locker room a little cleaner than you found it. A little kindness and consideration goes a long way.


Gym etiquette seems a lot art, but we can recover. Remember, the environment is created by the community of users – that includes you. The next time you’re at the gym, look for ways to make your corner of the fitness world a bit better.