Spinning at the gymIf you think about it, the gym is the one place you can go and focus on no one else but yourself. While you may ‘feel the burn’ as you run that seventh mile, or commit to another round of high intensity interval training, the gym is the one place you can unwind, recharge and create a fit, healthy and vibrant body you were born to have! But, have you forgotten the rules—gym etiquette rules, that is? Here’s a refresher.


Be Conscious of Others Waiting to Use the Machine You’re On

There’s nothing more irritating than getting to the gym in an effort to push your yourself on the fat blasting stair master—only to find that it’s occupied by another who is going way past her 30 minute time slot. Everyone is at the gym for the same reason you are—to push themselves past their emotional and physical limits; to de-stress, to feel good, and ultimately to look better than ever!

As gym etiquette rule number one…learn to be mindful of others around you. If you’re working out during peak time (during the post-work day crowd, or during lunch hour), let someone else have your cardio machine after 30 minutes. Don’t doddle, or talk to your friends in between long rest times on weight machines. You could be slowing down someone else’s workout.

Don’t Eat, Drink or Talk                                                                       

Keep any activity on the gym floor about working out, getting ripped, challenging your limits and toning your body. All other activity (such as gossiping with your workout buddy, eating, or drinking) can be done after your burned calories and blasted fat!

Fit brunette wiping down bench smiling at camera at the gymWipe Off Machines

There’s no turn-off quite like a weight machine that is doused in someone else’s sweat. Whether you’re doing dips on the bench or just finished a few rounds of leg presses, make sure to spray and wipe clean every machine you’re on. Chances are, there’s someone next is line that’s grateful for your gym etiquette.

Show Up to Spin Class on Time

Group fitness instructors are expected to show up on time—after all, it’s rude to keep people waiting. So, the same rule should go for you. Whether it’s a conditioning class that involves free weights, an aqua fitness class or spin, show up on time—a few minutes early is even better. Your instructor and your fellow gym-goers will appreciate you for it.

No matter what type of workout you enjoy—from Zumba to Crossfit, you are responsible not just for a hard core workout that will transform your body, but being considerate while you work out. The gym is everyone’s playground. The better etiquette you have, the more positive of an experience it will be for all.