The gym can be a crowded, hectic place to be—and if you’re brand new to the gym environment, it can be overwhelming as well. Before you step foot in one again, it’s imperative that you know ‘gym etiquette’ to keep it as harmonious of a place as you need (and want) it to be.
Wipe Down Your Equipment
There’s nothing worse than heading over to the shoulder press, row cables or leg press only to find the back of the seat covered in someone’s sweat. It’s not only unhygienic, it’s inconsiderate. Even if you see someone else leaving their workout without wiping it down—refuse to be ‘that kind of gym-goer,’ and do the right thing. Wipe your machine down, and then continue on with your workout.
Be Mindful of Those Around You
One of the biggest errors you can make—which trust us, will aggravate those around you—is remaining unaware of your environment. Anytime you’re headed towards a machine, take a look around. Is anyone looming around it, circling near the machine you’re headed towards? You should ask them if they are working in a set, and if so, you’ll be back when they’re done.
When you’re on a machine—especially when it comes to free weights, be mindful of other’s space near you (the last thing you want to do is bump into them and interrupt their flow.) If you’re at the gym during a hectic time (Saturday morning, or after work), be mindful that everyone is in a rush to burn some calories just like you are. Be courteous about the machines you’re on, and their personal space.
training-828726_640Step Away From the Mirrors
Mirrors aren’t in your gym so gym-goers can check out their biceps, or ripped back—they actually serve a very important, functional purpose—which is to ensure you have the right form and posture as you lift, lunge and plank. If you’re not working out in the mirrored area of your gym (but you’re taking up space chatting with a friend), step aside and socialize somewhere else.
Treat the Weights With Respect
Lastly, always treat your weights (and all other gym equipment, for that matter) with respect. Just because it’s not ‘yours’, doesn’t mean you should ever leave it on the floor when you’re done with it, or drop it instead of placing it gently down. Your gym’s equipment goes through a lot of wear and tear, so do your part and treat it as though it was your own.