Are you ready to take your fitness to a whole new level? It’s hard to do if you’re suffering from back pain, isn’t it? Often the body part that gets the shaft, your back needs your attention! Here’s how to strengthen your back, get your ‘sexy back’ and live pain free.

Why the Back Workout Matters

Your back is a beautiful thing, so why do you insist on depriving it of a workout that it deserves? Even when you don’t make it to the gym, your body moves, twists and rotates on a regular basis. Here’s why you need to keep your back at its best:

  • Having a strong spine will give you better posture
  • It will boost your confidence and ‘sex appeal’
  • You’ll get a better night’s sleep and live pain free.

Stretch It Out With the ‘Snake Pose’

YogaAh, yoga. Any time you take a yoga class, you can be reminded how much your body truly needs it. Because yoga is all about stretching and strengthening the body, it does great things for your limbs, muscles and best of all, those areas of your body that chronically hurt or are perpetually weak.

The snake pose is a great one to use on your back, 7 days a week and as often as it requires it. Start by lying down on your stomach, and press yourself up until your stomach is completely off of the floor and your elbows are fully extended. Curl your toes under, and hold the stretch for a minute. You should be able to feel a stretch (if you’re feeling a strain, stop) in your lower back. From this position, go into a ‘cat pose.’

Move Into a ‘Cat Pose’

The cat pose is another great way to prime your body for a good workout—and one that will strengthen your core. Once you’ve stretched it out in the snake pose, your body should be thanking you! Now, go on all fours. Make sure that your palms are firmly pressed on the floor, and your back is straight. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, being sure to breathe in a slow and controlled manner. Now, move your back upwards (as a cat does when spooked!) Hold it for ten seconds. Then, lower your back and arch it as much as you can. This should feel good, and your body will become relaxed after 3-4 reps. Start every with the snake and cat pose, and you’ll become primed and ready for a back workout that you deserve!