2014 in a pocket watchNews flash: Mini workouts are all the rage. They’re trending. They’re accessible, and they’re available to anyone and everyone who is determined to stay on top of their fitness and weight loss goals.  No matter how busy you are (and we know you’re busier than ever!) there’s always time for a workout. Here are several core kickin’ ways to work out every muscle in your body-and become a super hero ‘you’ in the process.

Make It Short, Make It Intense

Who has ten minutes to spare? Why, you do of course. In fact, everyone does. Whether that means you bypass hitting the snooze button another time, or you head to bed ten minutes later than usual, you’ve got all it takes to get a mini workout in. Mini workouts offer maximum benefits such as a higher heart rate, stress reduction and an increase in confidence—which everyone could benefit from!

Make it short, and make it intense—that’s how the mini workouts roll.

In fact, just 30 minutes of a mini (but intense) workout can burn as many calories as thirty minutes of running. Here’s how to do it:

  • If you’re at home, give yourself ten minutes of multiple exercises to rev up your metabolism. Start off with 15 squats, and end with 50 jumping jacks.
  • Then, use a chair or bench to do 15 dips. Are you at the park, watching your kids play on the swings? Take advantage of ‘park time’ by doing dips, squats and lunges right then and there.
  • End your workout with 20 push-ups.

You’ll feel the burn and reap the rewards instantly—all it takes is 10 minutes to spare, but with a head to toe body of toned and tight muscles you’ll be dying to show off.

End The Day This Way…

You already know music makes your soul feel good, but what about your metabolism? End your day with a dance session (or a ‘dance off’ if you have willing participants!) and you’ll always go to bed happily satisfied.

Your mini workout sessions are the key to a happy, healthy and well lived life. Make every minute of your day count, from that first cup of coffee (mmm…) to the meals you cook. But especially, make your ten minute workouts count, because the more energy you put into it, the healthier you’ll become. Feeling happy at just the thought of working out despite your busy schedule? Get to it—and become a whole new ‘you’ in the process.