Wear your jeans with new confidence. These moves will quickly get you on your way to the slim, sculpted hips you want. Ready to get your sexy back? Do these moves at least three times each week, throw in some cardio and get ready to sizzle.

Bench Step-Up
This one is a bonus. Not only will it slim your hips but it will also tone your glutes, thighs and shoulders.

People legs over steppers training in aerobic classBegin with a light- or medium-weight dumbbell in each hand – 3 to 8 pounds is ideal depending on your fitness level. Stand next to the bench lengthwise. You can use a sturdy box if you don’t have a bench. Step up with your right foot onto the middle of the bench; hold for 3 counts with your left leg lifted to side. Carefully step down with your left foot and tap down with the right.
Now quickly step back up to the bench with your right foot. Do all reps on this leg, rest for 30 seconds, then switch sides.

Lateral Step-Out Squat
Target your hips as well as glutes and thighs with this killer move.

Begin by standing straight with feet shoulder-width apart. With your toes pointed straight ahead and the knees over your toes, lower your bottom into a standard squat. Keep squatting and at the same time take two steps to your right. Hold the position for one beat and then take two small side steps to your left. Repeat for the desired number of reps. Feeling the burn? You know its working so stay focused on your goal.

Tree lean to side lunge
Work your hips, core and inner thighs for a leaner look you’ll love.

Begin by standing with your spine straight, feet together and with both arms overhead. Laterally flex your spine so that your arms and shoulders extend left while your hips lean right. Now sweep your arms up and over. This should look like you are making a half circle down toward the right as your left leg steps out into a side lunge. Keep going until you land in a deep side lunge with your left hand resting on your thigh and your right hand touching the floor. Push off the floor and circle both arms back overhead to return to side lean as your left foot returns to right. Repeat for 10 reps; switch sides and do 10 more.

Mountain Climbers

This one is a bonus because mountain climbers work your hips and a number of upper and lower body muscles, too. Want a lot of bang for your exercise buck? This move is the way to go.

Begin in the same position you would use for a push up. Your hands should be directly under your chest, shoulder-width apart and your arms should be straight. Your body should form a straight line, or plank, from your shoulders to your ankles. Lift your right foot off of the floor and slowly raise your knee as close to your chest as you can. Bring both feet back to the starting position and repeat with your left leg. You can go as fast or as slow as you need to, depending on your fitness level. Hang in there for at least 40 seconds if you are a beginner. You’ll build stamina as you stick with it.

Remember to add some cardio, and these moves are guaranteed to get results. Get out your tape measure; you’ll have some lost inches to brag about in around six weeks.