Bikini in actionSummer months are fast approaching and you know what that means… beaches will begin to beckon. And where there are beaches – there are bathing suits. Are you ready? If not, don’t panic, you still have time. Use these tips to get your body ready for summer.

Take a look at where you are and decide where you want to go

Any successful plan has a realistic destination in mind.  Your plan should include:

·         Where you are now.

o   How much do you weigh?

o   What habits contributed to your current weight?

§  Is a jam packed schedule making it hard to exercise or shop for healthy foods? Where can you cut back?

§  Is emotional overwhelm causing you to turn too often to comfort food? Who can help you adopt other coping skills?

·         Where do you want to go?

o   How many pounds can you realistically expect to lose each week? One or two is ideal for healthy, sustained weight loss.

o   How many days each week will you commit to exercise?

§  Remember, you can break exercise into 10 or 15 minute increments if you are too busy to do 30 to 60 minutes all at once.

§  How will you change your eating habits? Consider new recipes, pack your lunch, up your fiber, fruits and vegetable intake.

§  Why is it important to you to commit to this plan? What outcomes/rewards do you anticipate when your plan is successful?

§  What supports do you have/need to be successful? Have the courage to ask for help.

·         What are you willing to commit to?

o   Yes, you are going to exercise but when, where and how? Make a clear weekly plan. Consider getting an exercise buddy for accountability and support.

o   Absolutely practice HIIT – high intensity interval training helps you do more (burn more fat and calories, build more stamina) in less time.

o   Devise an eating plan and keep a journal – every bite counts, plan your meals and snacks to fit within a calorie budget that is appropriate for your weight, weight loss goals and activity level. Don’t overdo it – even training for a marathon does not give you an excuse to eat like a truck driver.

Try this sample exercise plan to get started. Add variety and build from here.

·         50 Jumping Jacks

·         10 Squats

·         10 Push-Ups

·         10 Bent Over Rows

·         10 Overhead Presses

·         10 Biceps Curls

·         50 Jumping Jacks

·         10 Sit-Ups

·         30 Second Plank

Rest as needed and repeat at least once.

Adapted from Redbook Magazine 30 day challenge.

To get your body ready for summer look for current habits that have contributed to weight gain and lose them for forever weight loss. Soon the beach will beckon. You can be ready.photodune-3475162-bikini-xs