Summer is just around the corner, but it isn’t too late to get beach ready. Try these tips and tricks to tone up and slim down fast.

Go big or go home
No time to waste – You need a routine that will melt calories and fat fast. Great choices include jump rope, which can burn as many as 10 calories per minute and kettlebell swings will burn twice that much. Both of these do double duty, too. Burn calories and tone while you work up a sweat. Honorable mentions include sprint intervals – run as fast as you can, recover, then sprint again. Sprint intervals are a kind of high intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT burns calories faster than steady state exercise i.e. running at the same speed throughout your workout. The faster you get and the more cycles you can get in, the more calories you will burn.

Add protein and fat
Include some protein and fat with every meal to build muscle and boost metabolism so you burn calories more efficiently, even at rest. Great choices include eggs, Greek yogurt, lean meats and peanut butter. Allot about 20 to 25% of your calories for both, per meal. They will also help you feel fuller longer, so you don’t overeat.

Let your motivation be your mantra
Everyone falls off the health wagon sometimes. You will have a better chance off falling off less often when you are clear about why you want to get beach ready. Think of your why and repeat it as a phrase of encouragement. This mantra will get you through on the days when temptation taunts. Great examples include – I have what it takes to get it shape; I deserve to be healthy, my goals are bigger than this temporary craving.

Get a buddy
There’s nothing like accountability to help you stay on track. Enlist an exercise buddy for a little friendly competition and workout fun. Challenge each other to show up consistently and work harder. Remind each other why exercising and eating right matters. Celebrate and encourage each other along the way. You might even want to add a little weekly wager or treat for when you nail your goals.

Make it visual
Get a big wall calendar for visual reminders and encouragement. Circle the date of your first beach trip and pen in (not pencil) your exercise and weigh in days. As the saying goes, write it down and make it happen.

Compete only with yourself
The goal is to feel your confident best. Remember that every body is different, so focus on getting in the best shape for your body type. Sexy doesn’t only apply to size 6 – it can apply to every size.
You can get the summer beach body you have always wanted, but not by wishing alone. Do the work with high intensity exercise and meal planning that helps you build muscle. If you slip up, don’t give up – tweak your plan and try again. Surfs up!