If you’ve been working out like the committed exerciser you are, then you may think that you know all there is to know about lifting, pressing, lunging, and in all other ways, getting a fit body from head to toe. But here’s four fun (and slightly quirky!) fitness facts you probably don’t know about—and just how it’ll do your body good.

Did You Know ConceptYour Tongue is NOT the Strongest Muscle in Your Body

There’s no denying it—your tongue has serious force and power. Who knew such a random and small (in comparison) muscle in your body could bring on such strength? But, no matter what they say—your tongue is NOT the strongest muscle in your body. So, what is? As it turns out, you don’t just have one super powerful muscle, but three: your jaw muscle, your glutes and your calf.

When You’re Catching Z’s, Your Muscles Are Growing!

According to the National Sleep Foundation, a deep sleep isn’t just valuable for your mental state, stress level or productivity. A deep sleep actually promotes an opportunity for your muscles to rebuild, repair and become the toned superstars you need them to be!

Eat Dark Chocolate to Improve Your Workout by 50 Percent!

When it comes to achieving a toned pair of legs, chiseled shoulders and a mid-section free of pesky love handles, consider chocolate your new best friend. Who days achieving a lean body needs to be a struggle, anyways? Flavonol epicatechin, which is a main ingredient found in dark chocolate, has shown to be highly effective when it comes to building muscles and changing your metabolic rate. Just keep your chocolate munching to a minimum…because too much of any good thing will result in added weight gain.

Burn Serious Calories When You Work Out Your GlutesFacts Concept

If you’re like most people out there who are striving for a fitter, stronger body, your glutes are a top priority. After all, you used to have a butt you were proud of. It’s time to get back to a perky, toned one and say goodbye to the saggy, unshapely backside of your recent past. Many people don’t realize that the glutes are always in motion, and when you focus on a few weight lifting sessions a week, your glutes will be the shining star of your fitness success. Why? Because they are one of the largest muscle groups in your body!