Young Couple Running Along Winter BeachIt’s true what they say: the couple that works out together, stays together. If you think about it, the gym is a perfect place to bond, connect and support one another. Without the distractions of home or work, you can lift, lunge and squat; you can push one another past what they thought was possible, and you can cheer each other on when you’ve met a goal. Do you need a summertime activity to improve the intimacy in your relationship? If so, look no further than your local beach!

Ride the Waves (and Work Your Glutes!)

How good are you in your relationship—and for your partner—if you aren’t healthy in mind and body? Kill two birds this summer by beating the heat while also getting in shape in the open air. Grab a surfboard or boogie board (whatever floats your boat) and head out to the waves together. Ride em, catch em, or dive underneath them and get a total body workout in the process.

Play a Round of Beach Volleyball

Whether you’re spending a romantic day at the beach with your ‘better half’ or you’re out with your entire clan (friends, family and neighbors), beach volleyball is a perfect way to spend your time. Get your workout in (without even realizing you’re doing it!) every time you serve or slam the ball. It’s not about winning and losing here, it’s about how hard you play (and your core will reap the reward!)

Sun Salutations on the Soft Sand

If you’re headed outdoors, that doesn’t mean you have to leave a yoga session behind. Why not bring it with you to the sun and sand? All you need is a yoga mat and sunglasses, then breathe deep and take in the sounds of the seagulls and the relaxing sounds of the waves for the best yoga workout ever.

Couple on the BeachRun it Out on the Sand (Then Slow it Down for a Handheld Walk)

Spending a day at the beach is the perfect opportunity to get your cardio in, while enjoying scenery that you just can’t get indoors.  Pry your significant other out of his lounge chair and jog, run or sprint as far as the eye can see. One mile, two miles or five miles—the distance doesn’t matter so much as the time you spend exercising together. Just make sure to go at the same pace, because the whole point of exercising at the beach is making time to bond and connect, and in the process, getting healthy together. Then, slow it down and walk back, hand-in-hand.