Woman Wiping Sweat With Towel At Health ClubYou get what you work for, not what you wish for. So, why are you spending all of your time making excuses while vegging on the couch, when you could be making a difference in the gym?  Do you dream of the sculpted body you once had, or the lean limbs you’ve never had—but would die for? Get up. Start sweating. And transform not just your body, but your entire life.

Tough Love 101

Ever heard the expression, “Sweat is your fat crying?” Intense, but oh-so-true. The thing is (and we realize you’ve heard this before) but there is no game without sacrifice, will power and dedication.  There is no reaching of the destination without pushing through your limitations, self-doubt and fear.  There can be no goal reaching without goal setting (and actionable steps along the way) in place. So, whether you want bulging biceps, or a sexy back, here’s your fool proof mind power program. Because let’s face it, you can’t push through the pain, without having the motivation.

The Cookie Jar Dilemma

Cookies Fresh Out of the OvenHere’s the thing about weight loss and getting ripped: what you eat constitutes 70 percent of your success, while working out is the remaining 30. So, be mindful of what you eat. Avoid reaching in the cookie jar. In fact, throw out the cookie jar altogether, or replace those temping chocolate chip cookies with almonds, instead.

Here’s the thing to remember: you won’t ever regret a solid sweat session in the gym while you lift, press and lunge your way to a sexy physique. But, you will regret that cookie munching session.  Skip the cookies, and head to the treadmill, instead. Cookies are an emotional fix. Does your body really want a heavily processed snack that will only fulfill you for the moment? Nope. Your body wants to run, dance, and get strong. It is the new ‘skinny’ after all.

Strong is the New Skinny

Toning your body from head to toe takes work. It requires the endurance through pain. It calls for you to mentally tough, so that you can push through those plateaus and fight your way to a healthier state. Forget being ‘skinny’—go for a strong mind AND body, instead.

As you push yourself through another grueling round of squats, bicep curls or leg presses, think of your body like this: with each move you make to better your body, it’s become more powerful and resilient than ever before. It’s becoming what it was meant to become—a powerhouse for your life, a vehicle for which you can be the happiest and healthiest ‘you’ possible.