Supersets are exercise pairings performed without resting between. They can be planned to boost a single body part with two different exercises or for opposing muscles such as the chest and back. There are many good reasons to add supersets to your routine. They can help you improve calorie burn, save time in the gym and even speed muscle development. With so many reasons to include supersets in your exercise routine are there any reasons to pass on what seems like a short cut to fitness success?

Supersets save time

Do more for your body in less time with supersets. Eliminating time between exercises means fitness fits more easily into even the most time crunched schedule. Think you don’t have enough time to work out? Turns out you actually do. Work in a 25 minute superset routine three times each week.

Boost Metabolism

Fit Man Using The Leg Press Machine At A Health Club

Supersets are heart smart. Less rest time means your heart gets more of a work out. Keeping your heart rate elevated helps burn more calories and boost metabolism. The good news is the burn continues even after your workout.

Boost Muscle Production

Supersets encourage the production of lactic acid, which fuels the muscles and helps them maintain strength and endurance. Another benefit of supersets is the greater challenge they place on the body compared with straight sets. That challenge can mean more muscle growth.

Supersets Get Results

Use them to zero in your focus on targeted muscles. For example a superset for your abs would pair exercise ball crunches (these are performed by lifting your body from the ball rather than from the floor) with V sit-ups (also called jack-knife sit ups are performed by extending arms and legs and raising them all so that your body comes to form a “V” shape). To work your back and biceps do bent over rows (stand with legs hip width apart and knees slightly bent, lean forward from the hips and bring the dumbbells toward your chest).

Try Antagonistic Supersets to Burn Fat Faster

Add antagonistic supersets such as bicep curls and tricep pushdowns to your workout. The first exercise pulls the muscle and the second pushes the opposite muscle which helps you burn more calories.

So back to our original question – with so many entries in the win column for supersets is there any reason to be wary of them? Yes. Even when it comes to supersets there can be too much of a good thing. If not paired properly or performed with too much weight you risk injury.

Supersets can be your secret weapon for fast fitness results. Just be sure you stay on track by proceeding with caution. Do not work through pain and avoid using weights that are too heavy.