Woman in fitness clothesDuring your next workout at the gym, take a look around you and notice what others are wearing. The days of baggy, oversized pants and workout tops are over, because tight, dry fit, compression clothing is in—and it’s here to stay. Read on to find out why—and just what it can do for you.

It Enhances Performance

Compression clothing isn’t for showing off your body, nor is it purely for comfort. Compression clothing is a trend that’s here to stay, and for good reason. Otherwise known as dry fit clothing, it is workout gear with a purpose. It draws moisture away from your body, while also increasing blood flow to your muscles (which can improve your performance). As your blood flow increases, you are able to improve your endurance and work at a higher—and longer—rate than you could otherwise.

Do you want to improve circulation? Increase your strength and stamina? During a study of compression socks worn by 21 runners, there was a 6.2 percent increase in their endurance. Meaning? While there isn’t a magic pill or potion to turn you into a first class athlete, compression clothing may be the next best thing as it can enhance your stamina and overall performance.

It’s a Tool for Recovery, Too

Compression clothing isn’t just a valuable tool for athletic performance. It’s also an aid in improving circulation.  No matter what brand you purchase (from Nike to Adidas), compression clothing is made with a tighter elastic than most, allowing for improved circulation in your knee which will improve the circulation throughout your lower body. You may notice the difference your compression clothing makes on your performance, or simply by how you feel.

Training with compression clothing—whether it’s running, cycling or dancing your heart out, isn’t just about how well you do with your end time or how much you sweat it out. It’s about how good your body feels, and what a difference compression clothing can make on your confidence. Feeling confident about your performance is a key ingredient in containing to meet your fitness goals.

While there is no magical pair of socks, pants or workout top to meet your goals, compression clothing is a great tool to help you through those moments when you want to head home instead of sticking it through on the elliptical or track—and give you to motivation to push harder along the way.