Working out on your own is hard. If you can’t afford to go to the gym or don’t want to go, you need something that will motivate you to start working out and to continue to do so. There are excellent apps out there that can get you going and keep you going.


Find Something That Works for You


What do you need to keep yourself going? For some people, it is accountability. If accountability will keep you going, find a workout app that involves connecting with an instructor and uses a live stream.


Others like to work out with no one watching. If this is your style, you may want to work it out using an offline video or an audio coach. Some apps allow you to explore unique workout techniques.


Whether you are looking for an explosive HIIT program, something to help you run a 5K marathon, or a 30-day challenge, some apps and websites can help you get to where you want to go.


Apps for People on Tight Schedules


If time is tight, you may want an app that has a short workout. You need to dedicate seven minutes a day to your health to feel a noticeable difference.


There are free apps that have five-minute or seven-minute routines that you can do anywhere. These apps allow you to choose the length of time of your workout and also adjust the intensity to meet your needs. Many of these apps will use your phone’s camera to track your reps and ensure that you are doing the exercises using the proper form.


Benefiting from Workouts on Demand


A cursory search for workouts on demand will bring up many apps. Do some research before deciding on one. Choose an app that will give you high-quality instruction and that fits your budget. 


Some on-demand workouts will guide you using workout videos. Others allow you to connect with a live class or a coach using a video stream. Most on-demand workout apps have a free trial or a free level that you can use.


Activity Tracking Apps


Several activity tracking apps can work with your fitness tracker to make it easier to monitor your activity. Some will work with heart rate monitors. You can purchase a heart rate monitor that can be worn over your chest, or you can buy one that will record your pulse on your wrist.


This data is essential because it helps you track the rate you exert yourself and how long it took you to finish certain activities. You can give this data to a healthcare provider, and they can use it to help you on your fitness journey.


Regardless of where you are on your fitness journey, an app is right for you. The key is to know what motivates you and find an app that can push you to the next level.