If there’s one thing in common between Floyd Mayweather, the rest of today’s buff bruisers, and the characters that inspire in movies like Rocky and Cinderella Man, it’s how in shape and fit they all look. Fortunately for you, you can fight fit and get in tremendous shape with a few simple boxing workouts without having to stand toe-to-toe with an opponent in the ring.

There is so much more to a boxer’s training than just pounding a heavy bag. If you’ve ever put on boxing gloves and tried some workouts, or even done some boxing in your day, you know how winded you can become. Maybe as a child you put on the giant boxing gloves at a party and tried to take some playful swings at peer in a giant inflatable ring. The cardio workout alone is extremely intense. Imagine having the extra component of taking a hit to the face over and over again and how much it would take out of you! Try some of these boxing workouts to jumpstart a new component to your fitness routines and add some great cardio work and calorie burn to a new or existing workout.

Shadowboxing. If you have access to weighted gloves, use them, but there’s no shame in starting with regular boxing gloves until you build up your endurance. Strap on the gloves and start boxing at your imaginary opponent. This is a good time to picture an ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, or mean boss. Keep the punches tight and controlled. Go with ten punches to the imaginary head and ten body shots. Alternate these for 1 minute, with a 30-second rest in between. As your endurance improves, strive for 3 minutes. Stay light on your feet and add a little bounce to your step.

Hit The Heavy Bag. Once you’ve built up some good wind and endurance with shadowboxing, strap on the gloves again and find a punching bag. Focus on the same imaginary opponent (or pick a new one). This time you’ll be striking an object a little tougher than air. This will take more out of you, but it’s a great way to get fit. Shadowbox to warm up, and then try some different jabs, crosses, hooks, body punches, and uppercuts at 50%. Next, focus on blasting all your energy into the bag with each punch. Start with 30 second intervals and rest for 15 seconds between. Do 5 intervals and work your way up to 3 total minutes. You’ll have a taste of what it takes to stay in the ring for awhile.

Jump Rope. Boxers don’t jump rope just to bring back some schoolyard memories. Jumping rope gets your heart rate up and gets your feet moving quickly. Boxers have to have quick feet. Jump as long as you can to determine your max time without stepping on the rope. Get better each workout until you can go 3 straight minutes without messing up.

Core Work. If a boxer is going to take some body shots, they had better have a rock-hard core! Work the abs and obliques by doing sit-up cross-punches. Anchor your feet and perform a full sit-up. Once you reach the top, do two cross jab punches with each arm, adding a little twist in your upper body to work the obliques. Add some low-plank obliques to fire up the obliques and really get the core rock-solid. Get into the low-plank position up on your toes and elbows with a straight back. Lift one knee at a time up toward the shoulder on the same side while maintaining the plank position.

Try these simple but effective boxing workouts to get fighter fit!