Is your fat burning switch on? If you aren’t getting your heart rate up high enough, and you’ve been taking it easy on your workouts, we’ve got one for you! In fact, we’ve got two—with each turning your switch on each and every time so you can begin to shed those stubborn pounds and feel your very best.

Turn On Your Fat Burning Switch
Your body works like a well-oiled machine—if you aren’t eating enough or frequently enough, it will store what you do eat, to preserve as much ‘fat’ as possible. So, in order to shed the fat, the first rule of thumb is always to begin your day with a nutritious breakfast. When you do, you’ll kick start your metabolism, control your cravings throughout the day and burn off the energy you digested from the carbs you ate. A win/win!
An easy way to energize and prepare your body for a productive one ahead is to start off with two big glasses of water, and enjoy eggs, avocado and toast (if you don’t like avocado, substitute it with another healthy fat, such as cheese, bacon or flax seeds.)

Use the Lake, Ocean or Sand to Rev Up Your Heart Rate
If the weather is nice outside, skip the gym and head outdoors instead! The lake is a great way to change up your fitness game and get toned in a fun filled way. Grab a kayak (many places all over the country have kayak rentals, which should only cost about $15 per hour). Kayak consistently for an hour, which will be a terrific workout not just for your shoulders, back and biceps—but for your core.
Once you step out of the kayak, head to a grassy area and complete your workout with push-ups, mountain climbers and lunges (do three sets, where you’re resting for 30 seconds in between each set.) As a bonus, this workout can be a great date! Rent a double kayak, and bring along some healthy snacks (beef jerky, trail mix, hummus and cut up veggies) to share.

The 50:10 Workout to Reshape Your Bod!
When you commit to the following fat burner workout two times a week for the next four weeks, you WILL see results, and you’ll begin changing your body. It’s a challenge—but what worth having isn’t hard work? Power through it, and enjoy the benefits:

  •  Start off with three sets of lunges with kettlebell weights to warm up. You can use your backyard or a gym to do these—whatever it more convenient for you.
  • Do three rounds of jumping jacks, push-ups and jump squats. This is the second part of your warm-up, which will really get your heart rate up there. If you have a rowing machine at your gym, you can follow up the jump squats with three sets of 45 seconds of rowing. By this time, you shouldn’t be able to talk while working out—which is just where you want to be for the fat burning switch to turn on!\
  • Complete each exercise for 50 seconds, with only 10 seconds of rest in between: curtsy lunges (making sure to dip your back leg as far down as it will go without ‘resting’ your knee on the ground); skater hops (like a curtsy lunge, but jumping with your back leg, from side to side), and rotating extensions (starting off in a push-up position, then rotate your body to the left side with your right arm extended straight up, and tightening your core; then do a push-up and repeat with the other side, for 10 reps.)

When you focus on this workout, you WILL turn your fat burning switch on, which means you will see results as you have never before!