Some workouts are intended to gain muscle, while other exercises will blast fat. But did you know that some workouts are designed to actually blast fat, gain muscle AND increase your metabolism, all at the same time? Read on to learn how to achieve the magical ‘3’, and change your fitness routine for the better!

Don’t Skip a Weight Lifting Workout

If you want to amp up your metabolism in order to shed more weight, it’s important to understand – and remember – that it isn’t fat that store more calories, but your muscles. For that reason, lifting weights are paramount if you want to rev your metabolism, even while resting. In addition, weight lifting is the perfect way to boost your mood, increase your productivity at work, and maintain a healthy heart.

Here’s some exercises to implement into your weekly workouts:


  Sporty beautiful young woman doing plank exercise    The Plank Walk. Start off in a standing position. Make sure that your feet are firmly on the floor, and your back and shoulders are straight. Then, walk yourself over to the plank position. Facing the floor and with your arms extended to the ground (palms flat, and avoiding locked elbows), jump your feet forward to where your arms hands are. Stand up. Then repeat!


·         The Bow Extension. While this may not be the most exciting workout you’ve ever done, it ALWAYS produces results—and if you didn’t know it before, you do now—it revs your metabolism. Grab a dumbbell, and place both hands on it, firmly in place. Make sure that your legs are shoulder width apart, with your right leg slightly out the side. Lift the weight over your head. Bring your arms down to your right side and as you do, bend your right leg and lift it up (so that it meets your arms.) Repeat with the other side.  

It’s important to remember that your metabolism isn’t a fixed rate. If it’s slower than you’d like it to be (in order to reach your weight loss and fitness goals that you want to reach), you don’t have to succumb to your current fate. Simply add more pep to your step workout wise, and focus on weight lifting exercises to boost your metabolism! Simple as that.