Exercise clothes that maximize your workout

Looking for an easy way to boost performance? Look no further than your stash of workout gear. Researchers have found that what you wear can help with everything from preventing injury to improving performance and even psyching out your opponents. Here’s how to up your game.


Hot yoga or warm climates

Go for moisture wicking, breathable fabric. Don’t let sweat soaked clothes weigh you down. Instead, let sweat roll off so you can comfortably power through even the toughest workouts with Dri-FIT technology. Lightweight material dries fast and keeps you feeling cool. Worried about spending a little extra on performance workout gear? Don’t be. A 2012 study says simply dressing the part can help you work out better. Think of your purchase as an investment in your progress.


Keep moving when it’s cold

Winter workouts don’t have to be cold and miserable. Opt for insulated fabrics that keep you cozy for miles. Jackets like the water and windproof Craft Repel Jacket keep you warm and dry. Don’t forget your bottom half. Try Nike tech fleece pants for comfortable warmth without weight to drag performance down.


Go for gaiters

It’s the little things that make all the difference. Get lightweight protection from dirt, rocks and snow with gaiters. Easy to slip on and perfect for everything from hiking trails, rainy runs, ice climbing or snowboarding. Choose your gaiters based on the activity. They are easy to find from retailers such as REI. No more wet socks or pebbles in your shoes.


Baby your buns

Few things take the shine off a thrilling bike ride faster than bruised buns. Give yours some TLC with bike shorts designed to give you a little extra cushion. Keep peddling comfortably with Pearl Izumi. Available for men and women these shorts look great, feel comfortable and dry quickly.


Run safely

Sprint or stride without slipping on winter ice. Icebug has the sneakers you need no matter how extreme the weather. Their Aurora BU-Grip offers superior traction that keeps you safely on your feet and on your training game.


Play ball

Serve up some sizzle with Stella McCartney. The brand makes a tennis dress with built in bra and shorts. The lightweight design keeps you cool and wicks away moisture. If basketball is your game, go for Nike shorts. There are sizes and styles available for every member of the family. All are lightweight. Many offer moisture wicking, fast drying fabric.


When it comes to workout wear, dressing the part has been shown to boost performance. You can go the extra mile with the right gear to get you through comfortably.