It’s not always easy to wake up feeling energized, especially with the full day you may have that lies ahead. What’s the solution when that cup of coffee just won’t do the trick? Stretches, of course! This article will cover the early morning feel good stretches you need to energize your body, mind and soul.
Some people who are in a hurry to get through their workout skip the stretch portion of their exercise plan, thinking it’s not as important as the high intensity, fat burning exercises are. However, according to a 2008 Psychotherapy & Psychosomatics study, participants found that their fatigue lessened by over 20 percent (thanks to low impact exercises, such as stretches!) This study—and others—show that exercise doesn’t make you tired, but in fact, creates energy in your body!
woman-1837460_640The Classic Morning Stretch
No matter what age you may be, this classic morning stretch is perfect for all ages (from ten year old’s to 65 year old’s!)—it’s simple to do, and quick to incorporate into your morning routine! Simply start off in the sitting position, with your legs crossed in front of you. (If you feel tight, or it’s just uncomfortable to sit this way, sit with your legs under you, on your heels). Take a second to ensure your posture is straight, and your back is aligned with a straight spine. Place your hands on your knees and breathe in, deeply for a count of five. Do this 3-5 times, until you feel awake and alert with a relaxed body and mind. Then, continue on with the following stretches.
The Simple Seated Side Bend
Start in the sitting position on the floor (legs crossed), and ensure that your back is straight, your shoulders are rolled back and your palms are planted on the floor. Lean to the right side, and place your forearm and palm so they are both flat against the floor. Now, position your left arm so it’s straight up to the sky, and lean towards your right side—this stretch should feel pretty good right about now! Only lean as far as it’s comfortable, and then repeat with the other side.
The Cow Face Morning Stretch
Start by sitting on your bottom, with your back straight and your shoulders back. Then, place one leg (knee bent) on top of the other (and with your feet out to the side). Take a few breaths, and if it’s still comfortable, stretch your legs out a bit further. Take a few more breathes, and hold for thirty seconds.
Stretching is a smart way to start your day, because you’re not just waking your body up—you’re preparing it and prepping it with attention, care and love. Your self-awareness will improve, your flexibility will increase and you’ll feel healthy and well for your busy day ahead!