When you’re in a tropic paradise, and a world away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life, it may be that all you want to do is lie on the sand, soak up the sun and enjoy margaritas to your heart’s content. The truth is, when you exercise on vacation, it’ll be so much fun you don’t even know you’re working out. Here are some easy ways to exercise, and beat the vacation weight gain.
If You’re Near Water…
If you’re vacationing on a tropical paradise, there’s no easier way and better time to exercise! Just pick your poison, and work out your glutes, core, or even get a total body workout while having a blast! Rent a kayak for an afternoon (and with each wave you paddle over, burn extra calories!), go swimming (and burn up to 600 calories an hour), surfing (which is an amazing total body workout), or snorkeling.

traveler kayaking in the thai ocean from backward view
If You’re at a Resort
If you’re vacating at a Hawaii, Bermuda or Florida Keys resort, then you’ll have everything you could possibly want to get toned, burn fat, and slim down while you’re chowing down on their gorgeous banquets of food, morning, noon and night. Head to the gym if you want to get a weight lifting session in, or take a group exercise class like spin, aqua fitness or dance out in the sun.
It’s Never Been Easier to Bike Ride Your Way to Fitness
Most vacation spots will allow you to rent a bicycle for a really affordable rate, so why not explore the nearby down or seaside village with a bike ride?  Better than a car ride or tour bus, a bike ride will give you the chance to venture down tiny streets cars can’t get through, and give you such a fun cardio workout, you won’t even know that you’re melting off calories from last night’s dinner.
Sign Up For a Walking Tour
Why not get up close and personal when visiting the Mayan ruins, or visiting cultural monuments—and walk your way there? Sign up for a walking tour, or explore the area without one, and at the same time that you’re hiking up to a gorgeous view, you’ll get your cardio in for the day.
No matter what kind of vacation you take, there’s always an opportunity to stay fit, improve your cardiovascular health, and have fun doing it (especially when you’re away from home). Take in the sights and the sun while swimming, running, biking or surfing and recharge your body and mind while every second of it.