Staying on track with healthy meals and snacks is often as much about discipline as it is planning. Despite iron willpower, the combination of busyness and convenience can lead us to snacks we probably wouldn’t have chosen. These easy, healthy on the go snacks keep you ahead of the planning game. Keep them on hand for tasty treats you can feel good about.


photodune-7022063-healthy-snack--xsNuts like pistachios, almonds and walnuts are a great snack choice for several reasons. Each has slightly different nutrient benefits but all are winners. Here are just a few reasons:

  • Nuts satisfy the desire to eat food that is crunchy
  • Nuts store and travel well. They are non-perishable and fit easily in your bag or pocket.
  • They also boost cardiovascular health. Consuming nuts regularly has been shown to reduce the risk of heart attack. Regular nut eaters also have a lower death rate from cancer and other health challenges.
  • Nuts provide protein, vitamins and nutrients your body needs including fiber (which can help you feel fuller longer) and heart healthy unsaturated fats
  • Trying to cut back on calories? Eat six walnut halves 30 minutes before a meal to reduce your appetite.

Enjoy a one ounce serving of nuts each day to get all the benefits of nuts without blowing your calorie budget.

Hard boiled eggs

Eggs are a healthy, inexpensive source of protein. At only about 70 calories, they fit well into your daily calorie allowance if you are counting. Eggs also provide:

  • Choline – good for heart health
  • Lutein – good for eye health
  • A number of vitamins and minerals including B2, Selenium, D, B12 and iron. Eggs pack a powerful nutritional punch in a very small and easily portable package.

Take care to fully cook eggs using high heat to reduce the risk of poisoning from salmonella.

Shelf stable milk

Brands such as Horizon sell individual, shelf stable packages of milk. They even offer flavors like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Milk is a great on the go snack because:

  • It is a good source of calcium, magnesium, protein and phosphorus.
  • It strengthens teeth and bones and helps build muscle.
  • Organic varieties are a good source of heart healthy omega-3

If you are looking for a good after exercise snack, pack shelf stable chocolate milk. The combination of protein and carbs can aid your recovery and give you a boost of energy.


Assorted fruitYou knew fruit had to be on the list. Some of nature’s most perfect packages offer a sweet and satisfying way to get your snack fix. Options abound – apples, oranges, bananas and grapes are among the most portable. Grab and carry a couple for a double dose of goodness. High in fiber and nutrients and low in calories and fat – fruit is a hard to beat snack choice. Add a slice of cheese for a little feeling of decadence and enjoy.

There are so many choices for snacks on the go. Add different options to your grocery list each week for variety. When you have snacks on hand you are more likely to keep your hands off unhealthy choices that derail your diet.