Man Sweating Very Badly Under ArmpitThe daily grind can give you emotionally and mentally a beat down by the end of the week—or in some cases, by midweek! Whether you’re a busy student taking a full course load at the local community college or University, or you’re in an office setting and working your way up the corporate ladder, exercise is a must.

Sometimes, all you can do is have a short, 30 minute workout—and that’s great! You just don’t want to smell like it. In the spirit of good smelling offices everywhere, we’ve put together a short, to-the-point guide so that you can lunge, sprint or just lift your body to greatness, while smelling like a rose when it’s over.

Why Lunchtime is the Best Time to Exercise

At your job, productivity is key. So, why have you been re-reading the same document over and over again for the past hour? If you’re not taking a much needed break from the office, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Your lunch hour is the best hour of all to exercise and here’s why: it gives you a change of scenery (and allows you to trade in florescent lighting for natural sunlight!) and to give your brain a period of rest…all of which leads to an opportunity for you to come back to the office full force and super productive.

Make Your Workout Short and Sweet So There’s Still Time to Shower

Businessman running in office because it is lateWhether you jog on a nearby trail, or you lift weight indoors at your neighborhood gym, you’ll need to limit your workout to a 30-40 minute one. That’s ok! Often, short but intense workouts give you the best results.

Try Tabata, which is a workout style that incorporates 20 second sets on any weight machine (go through the motions as quickly as you can) followed by ten seconds of rest (repeating eight times). Endorphins will be released, and your once stressful state will be replaced with a calm-can do attitude your workplace definitely needs more of!

Pack Your Gym Bag the Night Before (So You Don’t Risk Forgetting the Deodorant)

Make sure to pack your gym bag the night before, and setit in your car so you never have the excuse of missing a much needed lunchtime workout! Allow yourself extra time to hit the showers, give a squirt of body spray, layer up on deodorant (no one appreciates a smelly co-worker) and you’re ready for a full afternoon of hard work, creativity and productivity!