Beautiful woman enjoying Zumba FitnessOh, the battle of the bulge – the tummy-beer-or-belly-muffin-top-it’s-never-going-away bulge. Believe it or not, those supermodels with flat stomachs have issues with their tummies too – but the difference is, they have a fulltime staff solving their stomach issues for them. You, on the other hand, have to figure out the solution to your own stomach bulge problem. So, consider us your full time assistant on the matter. Read all about how to take your stomach from flab to fabulous, strong and flat!

Multi-task in the Weight Room

What better time to get a flat stomach than right now?  It’s possible to get a toned and tight tummy, but the trick is, multi-tasking. If you can multi-task, then you can effectively lose weight and gain muscle – both of which is the winning combination for that mid-section you crave. Start by spending equal time doing cardio as you do weight training. With the right mindset, you can indefinitely achieve the right body!

Your stomach is one of the most challenging areas to lose body fat. Why? Women are predisposed to have more fat in their belly region for childrearing. Seems unfair, but there are ways to land that stomach you dream about. Here’s how:

  • Start your morning off with quick and intense workouts. Morning time is the perfect time to exercise – especially for anyone too busy to exercise! It boosts your energy, motivates you to stay on track with your diet, and increases your productivity throughout the day. So, get it over with, already! Start your day with 30 minute high intensity cardio and weight lifting sessions and you’re on your way to improving your toned and tight tummy just in time for New Years’!
  • Eliminate gluten and other simple carbs. Remember this: diet is 80 percent, and exercise is 20 percent of your success. If you’re raising your heartbeat on the daily with little results, check in with your daily diet and monitor what you eat. You’ll notice your stomach change shape when you focus on a diet composed of lean meats, plenty of natural sources of protein and fruits and vegetables. Skip the bread bowl and have an extra serving of sautéed green beans instead.
  • Feel the burn with fun, endurance-specific workouts. Who said working out has to be something you dread? Who said in order to lose your belly fat you have to lose your mind? In our world, there’s no such thing and we want you to jump on board with a ‘fun fitness’ mentality.


Spice up your 30 minute cardio sessions with a 60 minute class. Is dance your thing? Do you feel the best in water? Then take an aquatic Zumba class – fun, endurance strengthening and endorphin pumping, you’ll achieve the perfect abs in no time at all!