young soldier or ranger doing push-ups in forestArmy boot camp is not for the physically weak, or the faint at heart. It’s not a Monday, Wednesday, Friday boot camp at your local gym where you do squats, lunges and push-ups as best you can. Army boot camp is about being the best, doing your best and doing it in a way that’s good enough for your drill sergeant. Think you’ve got what it takes? Here’s what Army boot camp is really like, and how to model their strict, “do what you’re told or drop and give me 20!” lifestyle. The end result? A rocking physique, and an impressive amount of discipline.

Army Boot Camp – What It’s Really Like

Army boot camp is for anyone who has a dream of enlisting in the Army, and after an excruciating couple of weeks, that’s just what you get—an induction into the fine art of running jumping, shooting and performing push-up after push-up. During the first week, you’ll be tested on your agility, endurance and strength (all of which won’t feel like enough or as good as you need to be.) Then, accomplish more in a few weeks than most people do in a year. Ready for your body to change through intimidation and extreme drills? Welcome, solider.

The Modern Day Gym Boot CampMature Soldier Shouting Through Megaphone

Although Army boot camp would be a life changer—after all, there’s no denying that it would kick your butt in body, mind and soul—how about getting all the benefits of the body, but without the name calling from a drill sergeant? The beauty of boot camp is the discipline—but you don’t have to go to Fort Benning to become a more disciplined, ripped version of yourself. Follow the routine of the recruits, by applying these exercises to your current neighborhood or at-home gym:

  • Start with a jump rope, and jump as fast as you can. If it’s been a while, start off slow so that you get into a rhythm. Then, jump faster, and faster and faster (for as long as you can.)
  • If your gym has a couple of balls (volleyballs work great for this exercise) use them and get into a classic push-up position. Then, prop the palms of your hand firmly against each ball, pressing up and down in slow, controlled motions as you focus on your core and increasing your upper body strength.
  • Before starting your cardio, run in place for five minutes (longer if you can do it). As you run, lift your legs up as high as you can, and use your palms to tap your knees as you do.

Army boot camp may not be a dream of yours, but getting your ideal body certainty is! You don’t need an excruciating boot camp when you have your gym at your disposal! Reap all the benefits of boot camp while never having to leave town.