Why Starting With Your Core is the Foundation For Any Healthy Fitness Routine

Abs of a muscular man2016 has begun, which means that many fitness fanatics are well under way with their new year’s resolution to have a healthy and happier body. The biggest body goal of the year?  A toned, flat and fit mid-section. Forget the shortcuts and the latest fad diets—getting killer abs is really about developing a killer core. Here’s your 411 as to why starting with your core is essential for any fitness routine.

The Big Deal About Your Core

One of the most important benefits of core work is changing your body as it changes with age. As you age—no matter how you may try to fight it—your body will change. Your back may develop tightness, stiffness or injury. Your metabolism will slow down, and your agility won’t be what it once was. Developing a strong core is all about supporting your spine, reducing the risk of injury, and building strength in your abdominal area (which supports many other areas of your body) in order to support overall good health.

When It Comes to Your Core, Knowledge is Power

Abs WorkoutDo you cringe at the thought of doing dozens of crunches, because even more than it being boring, it’s painful? If it is, that means you need to strengthen you abdomen muscles pronto—and before you can even strengthen you core. You can improve your abdomen strength quickly by doing crunches on a medicine ball or Bosu ball (it looks like half of a medicine ball). Working out your abdomen on an unstable surface will allow that part of your body to strengthen, and firm up in record time! If you want to increae the challenge (over time, that’s always a good idea so you don’t plateau), do one legged lunges on a Bosu ball. You’ll have a strong core in no time at all.

Core Exercises to Implement into Your Weekly Workout

When it comes to engaging your core, instability focused exercises are essential! It will allow you to improve everything from your balance and posture, to your abs and glutes. If you enjoy group exercise, try a Pilates class. Pilates is a great way to get involved with other like-minded gym-goers, and while it’s not for the faint hearted, it is a great workout from head to toe. Pilates focuses on breathing and posture just as much as it does core work—so it’s a win/win! Pilates is also the perfect opportunity to strengthen your back, develop lean muscles and flexibility, and even decrease your risk for injury. Take just one class, and notice the change in your body, immediately.