Does coconut oil (one of the most important super foods around) seem like too exotic of a food for your taste? Well, give it a taste—because once you try it as a popcorn topper, or in replacement of vegetable oil, you won’t go back. Delicious, healthy and oh-so-good for your physical and mental health, you’ll never want to go without it. Here’s why.

It’s an Appetite Suppressant

photodune-2598120-coconut-oil-xsHave you given up on your New Year’s Resolution already, and it’s only February? Does the battle of the bulge seem like too hard of a fight to win? When it comes to weight loss, there’s a rule of thumb you should follow: Weight loss amounts to 70 percent what you put in your mouth, and 20 what you work off in the gym. In other words, while exercise is important for a healthy body and mind, what you eat makes more of a difference on your waistline—and your weight loss success.

Coconut oil is a natural appetite suppressant that allow you to achieve those very weight loss goals you’ve set for yourself. Forget the diet pills or fad diet. Coconut oil contains fatty acids, which contribute to a faster metabolism and decreased hunger. In fact, recent studies have demonstrated that the average coconut oil consumer ate 256 less calories per day that those who did not.

Rev Up Your Metabolism and Reduce Your Risk of Obesity

MetabolismObesity is, and continues to be, on the rise. While a high amount of daily caloric intake can be to blame for increased weight, not all calories are created equal. In fact, it’s often the source of the calories (a bowl of fruit vs. a fatty cheeseburger) that cause a rapid increase in weight, and can contribute to heart disease, fatigue and high cholesterol. Coconut oil contain triglycerides, which contribute to a higher metabolism, allowing your body to burn off more energy in less time. Bake, sauté or fry up with your eggs in the morning with coconut oil instead of butter. Use it as a moisturizer for your hands, feet and face. Use it as a topping on popcorn instead of butter, or add a spoonful to your salad dressing or coffee.

Just a teaspoon of coconut oil a day, and you’ve revved up your metabolism, helped fight off obesity and improved your mood. Just one spoonful a day, and coconut oil can give you the mind and body health you’ve been looking for!