Turns out what’s old is new again for 2015. The usual suspects like high intensity interval training and Crossfit still make the list of cardio musts. But some blasts from the past are resurfacing. Here is a round of trends to try.

Group treadmill running

Harper’s Bazaar says treadmills are the stationary bikes for 2015. If your local health club has a treadmill studio and you are (or aspire to be) a cardio junkie this class is a must for your 2015 fitness bucket list.

Cardio tennisGroup of tennis playersDescribed as heart pumping fitness, cardio tennis is a full body workout that torches mega calories in a 60 minute workout. Its fun, too. The social aspect means you get the benefits of camaraderie and connection while you get fit.

Shaking it like the stars

Once, Jane Fonda’s workout secrets were all the rage – Same idea, different celebrity for 2015. You’ve probably heard that Beyonce is the latest star to share her workout secrets. A recent Good Morning America segment showed a reporter going through the pretty tough paces of the superstar’s regular routine. Want to try it yourself? It is posted on Instagram.

Group exercise classes

Remember how much you loved step class? Well, it looks like you can once again feel the joy of step up and sailing over your bench. Group classes like step and Zumba are making a comeback at gyms near you.

Cardio Drumming

This is a great way to burn calories and beat stress. Some of the equipment is familiar. You use workout balls and drum sticks in a choreographed dance routine in this high-energy group fitness class. Don’t worry if you don’t have drumming experience. You won’t need experience to have fun or burn calories in this class.

Cardio bars

Flexible woman at the gymFitness has come to the club. Instead of boozy beverages, look for smoothies or juice drinks to quench your thirst after the DJ helps you work up a sweat.


You may be able to borrow some moves from that dance class of your childhood days. Barre is a ballet inspired workout that sculpts and tones. This workout is becoming more popular. Look for classes at your local health club.

Variety is the spice of life and when it comes to exercise it might just be what you need to keep boredom at bay. Try something new this year to keep your interest high and avoid plateaus. You may just find that you won’t need to put lose weight or get in shape on your to do list for next year.