Popular since the early 2000’s, Zumba combines aerobic activity with a variety of fun dance moves. Some of those moves include salsa, which makes sense since Zumba was born in Latin America.  Invented by Alberto Perez, a native of Columbia, Zumba enjoys worldwide popularity. If you have ever tried Zumba or talked to someone that has, you understand the appeal. Zumba is fun.

Benefits of Zumba

Three primary reasons non-exercisers offer for not working up a sweat on a regular basis are: lack of time, poor fitness level, and exercise boredom. Zumba makes it easy to turn excuses into action. The high energy classes make time fly. Experienced instructors lead participants through a series of moves that tone the whole body, torch calories and take you away from your troubles. These aren’t the fitness moves you remember from gym class. Zumba is just like dancing; the classes have a bit of party vibe. Don’t worry if you have two left feet. There are classes for every fitness and learning level. Besides, it doesn’t matter if the instructor says left and you go right. Your job with fitness is to keep moving and when you do that, you are doing great. Just relax and have fun.

Torch Calories

Zumba is a “two-fer,” you enjoy fitness as well as fun. Participants can burn upwards of 700 calories, although the average number for a 150lb person will likely be around 500-600. Zumba is a great option if you don’t like to run, but want to burn a lot of calories during exercise. Both torch calories quickly.

 Zumba is usually best in a crowd. At the fitness center you can enjoy the energy of the others in the room along with the great sound system pumping music that gets you going. When you can’t get to the gym stay on track with Zumba at home, there are countless DVD, video download and game console options.

Maximize the Burn

Don’t be shy. Zumba is about fitness and fun. Leave all your worries at the door and let the music move you. When you really get into it, not only do you blast away stress you also burn more calories because you are using more effort. So go ahead, pump those arms, shake your hips and kick your legs. The more you move, the more you lose. Your heart makes out pretty good, too. Zumba improves your fitness level and heart health.



Zumba is for Everyone

Although Zumba offers a total body workout, targeted sessions are available, too. Zumba can help you trim as well as tone. If you need a no-impact workout there is even a super Zumba aqua routine. In fact, there is a Zumba routine for every age and fitness level.

Who doesn’t like to dance? Even if you don’t, the high energy music makes it hard to be still. Regardless of your age or fitness level, there is likely a Zumba class that meets your needs. Who says exercise can’t be fun?