One of the best things about exercise is the opportunity for mental and physical challenges it offers. Unlike other concerns, such as traffic or workload, exercise can provide a feeling of control and personal accomplishment. How much you do is up to you. Obviously, you can do more as you build endurance. A big challenge for weekend warriors, fitness buffs and elite athletes alike involves preparing the body to do more than it was able to do before. Training your mind and body to go the distance means a lot of work, but even more reward. Here are some tips:

Start where you are

If you are new to running it may not be realistic to expect that you will run for 30 minutes without stopping. That will take time. Still, you can build endurance just by beginning where you are. Maybe to start you can run for 30 to 60 seconds. Do that and then take a walk break when you get tired. Practice these intervals, periods of running with walk breaks as needed, and you will notice as the weeks pass that your running periods will grow longer. In other words you will build up your endurance. Use this same strategy for any fitness or sports activity. Shoot hoops, do Zumba steps or lift weights as long as you are comfortably able to do so. When you need a break stop, slow down or walk in place for 10 to 60 seconds and then get going again.

Challenge yourself regularly

When it comes to fitness there is an expression that goes, it isn’t the mountain you must conquer, it is your mind. Endurance is not only made of muscle, it is also built of determination. To go longer you must decide that you can. Push yourself to make one more lap, do one more rep or go one more mile. Consider keeping a fitness log to chart your progress and provide encouragement.


Although your most important competitor is yourself, it can be useful to compete with others on occasion. Competition forces you to work hard and push harder. Preparing for competition can help you build up your endurance. Don’t want to compete against others? Keep track of your performance and strive to beat your own record.

Exercise regularly

Better performance requires frequent practice. The more often you exercise the more muscle, lung and heart strength you build. You will build endurance as your body becomes stronger. Help the process along by including some strength training in your weekly regimen.

Fuel wisely

Bodies cannot endure on fumes or poor quality food. Treat your body like the engine it is. Avoiding skipping meals before a workout, even when you workout in the morning. You will not have the energy to work out well if you don’t eat something first. Opt for a healthy mix of protein and carbs

It takes time, training and determination to build endurance.  Stick with it, the excitement of setting a new personal record is within your reach.