There’s workouts that burn fat, blast away those unwanted calories and even give you a surge of energy to carry you through your workout, and through your day. And then, there are the tried and true workout that really make a difference – ones that will perk up your torso, improve your chest, and in general, make you look great clothed or naked!

There’s no two ways around it – the more fat that you carry on your body, the more of a risk you carry for developing heart disease, high cholesterol and even type 2 diabetes.

So, whether you are a woman feeling hesitant about hitting the weight room for fear of ‘bulking up’, or a man that is a veteran in the weight room but just not seeing the results you want, change up your chest workout, and enhance your upper body. Enhance your upper body, and improve your entire exercise routine!

Low Cable Crossover

When it comes to your breasts, ladies – exercise can actually help you prevent the sagging that comes with age and child rearing. So, take control over your body by incorporating this fat blasting exercise.

The low cable crossover just requires taking over a double cable machine at your local gym, and   with the cables behind you and standing with your back towards the machine, move your hands up and forward. Keep moving your hands up, with arms bent and in front of your chest (as though you were doing a bicep curl). Repeat.

Decline Push-Up

If you love Rocky or Rambo, then this upper body exercise has your name on it. The aim of this one is to really challenge your upper body muscles groups, and as you do, you’ll be able to go hard core, from rep to set, and back again.

Start in a push-up position, with your body perpendicular to the floor, arms out and ready to push from the ground (with elbows at a 90 degree angle). Then, place your feet up on a one or two foot box, so that you are at a decline.

Next, lower yourself from your decline position slowly until your nose just barely touches the ground. Push yourself up, exhaling. Then, come back down slowly and controlled. Repeat (and feel the burn unlike any other push-up you’ve ever done!)

Whether you are female or male, young or old, and an amateur or a veteran with resistant training, forgo the complicated or trendiest exercises to improve the health of your upper body. All it takes is a few key, core moves to blast fat, improve the tightness of the chest, and make you go from flab to fit in a few short weeks!