Fitness woman exercising at homeEven the most regimented fitness fanatics have days where they just can’t get to the gym. Whether you’re travelling, have scheduling conflicts or sick kids at home, sometimes life just happens. Here are some tried-and-true bodyweight exercises you can do outside the gym that will still get your heart pumping and help ensure that your “best laid plans” don’t go completely awry.

The Tuck and Jump

The tuck and jump is one of the best full body exercises you can do, so implement it into your weekly at-home workout, today! Stand with both feet firmly planted on the ground, and then simply jump as high as you can. Once you’re in the jumping pose, bend your knees so that they come up to your chest as much as possible. Land on the ground with your knees slightly bent, and repeat (just a warning, this exercise is more challenging than it sounds!)


One of the best and most surefire ways to beat the winter blues is with the adrenaline packed, full body burpees! Start off in a squat position, and then kick both feet back so that you’re in a classic push-up stance. Perform one push-up, and jump back into the starting position. Repeat!

The Wall Sit

The wall sit is the perfect opportunity to multi-task while you watch the news, or enjoy re-runs of Modern Family! Start by leaning against the wall, and lower yourself down until your thighs/knees are parallel to the floor. Keep your shoulder back and your back straight. Once you are in the correct posture, hold it for 30 seconds (gradually working your way up to a hold of 60 seconds). When you incorporate this challenging but transformative workout into your daily routine, you’ll become the fittest you, yet!

The Curtsy Lunge

Athletic woman warming up doing weighted lunges with dumbbells workout exercise for butt legs at home healthy lifestyle sport bodybuilding conceptIf you’ve ever done a lunge, then you know what a truly powerful (not to mention effective!) exercise it is. The curtsy lunge is similar to the classic lunge workout, but with a (polite) twist. Add a curtsy, and you’ll burn off last night’s dinner in a heartbeat! Place your hands on your hips, and take a generous step back with your right foot so that it is behind your left leg. Slowly lower yourself down, so that your right knee is parallel to the floor. Hold it for about five seconds, and slowly (and in a controlled manner) come back up to your starting position. Then, stand with both legs shoulder width apart, and repeat by taking a step back with the opposite foot.