Cellulite therapyBody wraps have been around for ages and many swear by their benefits. But should body wraps be your go to for getting weight off and keeping it off? Here’s what you need to know.

Body wraps are a great quick fix

Despite the rousing chorus to the contrary, body wraps are not a path to permanent weight loss. For results you can be proud of apply this piece of life wisdom to body wraps – Do not allow yourself to be led away from the truth by what you would like to believe.

Although researchers have found no sustainable benefits of body wraps, that doesn’t mean they are all bad. They are actually great in a pinch.

If you have an important event, say a beach day or a wedding you can expect that a body wrap will help you lose water weight, improve your skin and even tighten, tone and firm. The catch is the differences will only be noticeable for a day or two. Real, lasting results take more time. While there is nothing wrong with shortcuts you are setting yourself up for disappointment if you don’t start working toward the results you want.

Body wrapping in spa roomYou can also enjoy body wraps for the pampering they provide. In today’s hurry up and rush world any experience that encourages you to slow down and enjoy some self-care is a good one. Revel in the spa like experience of getting a body wrap. Slow down and focus on present moment awareness. While you are ridding your skin of toxins you can also rid your mind of thoughts that add to stress, worry and overwhelm.

What else can you do?

Let the temporary benefits of body wraps encourage you to do what it takes to enjoy those same benefits long term. Exercise regularly, avoid processed or packaged foods and seek balance. Include protein, whole grains and fiber in your daily meals. Fats are important in moderation. Learn the optimal number of calories appropriate for your gender, height and activity level. Resolve to stay at or below that level to lose or maintain a healthy weight.

Be willing to do the work

The ultimate goal is to look and feel your best. Support that goal with fitness and food choices that feed your inner warrior. Again, body wraps are great in a pinch so go ahead and get one if you need it. Take the next step as well. Let getting a body wrap serve as an acknowledgement that you need to make some changes. Awareness is the first step. As soon as you know what needs to be done…you must accept the responsibility to do the thing that must be done.  You know that body wrap benefits aren’t lasting – what are you willing to do to make changes that are?