Balance training

If you’re guilty of this, you’re not the only one: body imbalance.  While you may do everything right at the gym—properly positioned leg extensions, and correctly executed chest presses—you may be missing out on one important piece of the puzzle. Are you giving equal amounts of love to both sides of your body? Here’s how to ensure that your body is given an ‘equal rights for all’ exercise plan.

Everyone Has Body Imbalance

When we are young, we choose a ‘dominant’ side. Right or left handed, we throw the ball with one side more than we do the other. We color and write exclusively with our chosen hand, and as we go through life, it’s that dominant side that becomes more muscular, toned and fit than our other “weaker” side.

Is a past injury preventing you from using your right side more than your left, or vice versa? Is your left shoulder or forearm more developed and toned than your right? Commit to an equal workout for both sides of your body by using the following tips, and you’ll quickly be able to play catch up so your body is proportional and strong:

  • Work with your “weaker” side, instead of resisting it. It’s true: everyone has a bit of body imbalance. It’s natural, and normal. However, to help your weaker side play “catch up”, insist a rule of thumb into your workout regimen that goes like this: don’t lift anything with your dominant side that you cannot lift with your “weak” side. It’ll take some time for both sides to even out, but be patient—the imbalance will improve and altogether go away.
  • Add additional ab exercises into your weekly workout. If your sides are slightly uneven within specific areas of your body (thigh muscles or your biceps for example) then it’s very likely your abdominal muscles are out of balance as well. Many people make the mistake of targeting their “six pack” without spending time strengthening their side muscles and lower abdominal muscles as well. Give equal love to your core, and begin to quickly correct the imbalance! In addition to the classic “crunch” you’re used to doing, sit on your side with your legs bent and lift yourself up by bending your torso towards your hip. Repeat until you’ve completed fifteen “side crunches”.
  • Incorporate more dumbbell exercises into your routine. Are you used to barbell exercises, and skip dumbbells altogether? For the sake of proper body balance, rely on dumbbells to help your weak side catch up quickly to your dominant side. Whether you’re doing lateral raises or a chest press, dumbbells ensure an equal workout for each side—and just what you need to accomplish your body balance goals.

balance strong manWhen you achieve body balance, you earn a body that can push past all limits! Just like any other fitness goal you have had in the past, body balance will give you that confidence boost you need to accomplish anything you want. You have no limits, so bridge the gap between the “weak” and “strong” sides of your body. What you’ll discover is that you’re unstoppable…from the weight room to the office (and everywhere in between!)