Girl in Yoga PoseIs the state Better Butt, Better New Year!f your backside bringing you down? Do you want a butt that’s thinner, shapelier, or perkier? Chinese astrology says 2015 is the year of the sheep. And, while we think that might be so, we’re advocates of the theory that this New Year is the year of the butt. Better butt, better New Year—let’s get this party started!

There’s Life Beyond Squats

If you’ve ever had a personal trainer, or simply glanced at a fitness magazine, then you know the ‘better butt’ drill: do squats, and get a firm tush. While squats do help you achieve shape and definition to your glutes, squats alone can’t give you what you’re really looking for: a sculpted, fit backside.

The Rainbow

Do you have five minutes to spare? Then, you definitely need this daily exercise in your life! Rainbows don’t just target your glutes, but your hamstrings, and upper leg muscles as well. Consider the payoff of this rainbow being your own little pot of gold!

Start this exercise down on all fours. Keeping your palms flat on the floor and your spine straight, extend your left leg (or start with your right, it doesn’t matter) straight out in back to you, and then to the side. As you repeat this motion, just be sure to squeeze your glutes as much as you can. Repeat this motion on other side.

Lunges (With a Curtsy)

Do you want to get in touch with your femininity while achieving a killer backside? Then the curtsy lunges are just the way to do it!  Start by standing in the classic lunge stance—with hands on your hips and your feet shoulder width apart. While keeping your hips square and in front of you, step backwards with your right leg, placing it behind your left. Bend both knees in a ‘curtsy’ fashion. Then, repeat with the other leg.

Heel Focused Squats

Are you ready to take your squats to a new level? Heel focused squats are all the rage—and these will give you just what you’re looking for! Get in the squat position as you normally would, with your feet shoulder width apart. Lift your left heel off of the ground while you go down for a squat, and then repeat with the other leg. Add a bigger challenge by lifting the whole leg up and in front of you while you squat!

There’s nothing like a strong, shapely butt to bring the ‘oomph’ back in your game.  Follow our guide for a better backside and you’ll have your wish—a better butt, a better New Year!