Summer is here, which for many people means thighs, thighs, thighs! Whether you live in a hot climate, or you’ll soon whisk yourself off to a tropical paradise for your yearly vacation to Hawaii, there’s no better time to get your legs in the best shape of their life. Here are three leg workouts that pack a powerful punch to your glutes, hamstrings and quads. Sure, you’ll feel the burn, but with the heads you’ll turn, it’ll be worth it!
Dumbbell Step-Ups
Dumbbell step-ups are a fantastic exercise you can start doing right now to strengthen your glutes, quads and your hamstrings. Put a dumbbell in each hand and place yourself in a standing position behind a bench. Place one leg on top of the bench, and while tightening your core, lift your other leg up (so you’re standing on the bench). Lift one leg back down to the ground, followed by the other leg and resume the starting position. Repeat.

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The Split Squat
Squats may hurt, but there’s a reason for that: this incredible powerful exercise is targeting many different lower body muscles at once. If you’re a female just starting a workout program, squats (along with lunges) are a fantastic starting workout. Not only will cut right to the chase (by working your muscles to a pulp!), but they’ll help you to achieve lean, tight muscle—have no fear about bulking up here!
To do the split squat, all you need is a living room (or any moderate area of empty space), and a chair. Start in the standing position, with your chair behind you. Lift your right leg behind so, and so the top of your right foot is placed on top of the chair. With your hands on your hips (focus on balancing), slowly lever yourself down to a 90-degree angle. Lift yourself back up and repeat on the other side.
The Sissy Squat
For the sissy squat, you’ll need the same thing as the split squat: an empty area of space, a chair and you! Stand behind the chair, and make sure your feet are shoulder width apart. Place your left hand along your hip, and place your right hand on the top of the chair. Lift yourself up so that you are on your toes, and then carefully (and slowly) bend yourself back to a 45 degree angle. You’ll feel your core in their exercise—but trust us—the results will pay off!