It is important to remain active on a daily basis regardless of what the temperature is. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t tailor your exercise routine to ensure that you can run, walk, or bike without hurting yourself. Let’s take a look at some of the best times of day to exercise during the potentially dangerously hot summer months.

The Overnight Hours Tend to Be the Coolest

Even on extremely hot days, you may find that the overnight hours feature relatively cool and dry conditions. This may be especially true in desert or valley environments where daytime and nighttime temperatures can vary by 20 degrees or more. If you do decide to walk or run when it is dark outside, be sure to use a flashlight or to wear reflective clothing so that others can see you.

Going for a Walk After Dinner Can Be Ideal

The late evening hours generally feature less direct sunlight, which means that the air temperature shouldn’t be as oppressive as it is during the afternoon. If you are going to exercise outdoors when the sun is setting, be sure to wear sunglasses as glare can be a significant problem later in the day. Exercising during the evening may be ideal for those who are looking to clear their minds after a long day.

Exercise as Soon as You Wake Up in the Morning

One of the benefits of being an early riser is that you can get a workout in before the temperatures start to steadily climb to unbearable levels. Exercising the in the morning may also be beneficial because it can provide you with a boost of energy that can last for several hours.

Why You Should Avoid Exercising in the Afternoon

Generally speaking, the sun reaches its maximum height in the sky at about 3 p.m. each day during the summer season. At this point, it may only take a few minutes for a person to develop a significant sunburn or to develop heat stroke while engaging in moderate activity.

Regardless of when a person exercises, it is important to remain hydrated and to understand the possible signs of heat stroke or other serious health issues. If possible, it may be a good idea to exercise with a partner who may be able to call for help in an emergency situation. Those who prefer to exercise on their own should have a phone handy to use if they find themselves in need of assistance for any reason.