Get the convenience of a coach approach right in your pocket. These apps offer the training, tools and encouragement you need to get results.

Couch to 5K
Now is the time to start your training plan for the fall race season. Fall races bring a special feeling of accomplishment. You get up and head out into the cool crisp air. Cross the finish line with a few hundred other weekend warriors and grab your t-shirt…all before 10am. Score! You own the rest of the day. This is a must-do. Running burns mega calories but newbies may feel intimidated about getting started. Enter Couch to 5k, offering all the support you need to get off the couch and across the finish line. Training sessions are manageable for even busiest wannabe racers.

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Lose it!
Use the app daily to log meals and exercise. Chart progress and goals, sign up for challenges and get support from other users. You will lose it – weight that is, because this app helps you accurately track calorie expenditure and intake. Overestimating expenditure and underestimating intake is one of the biggest reasons many of us have trouble losing or maintaining a healthy weight. Get accountability with email alerts reminding you to log your activity. Lose it keeps you honest so the pounds come off or stay off.

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Seven – 7 Minute Workout Training Challenge
Don’t be fooled by the brief time. These bite-sized workout sessions get results. 7 offers HIIT – high-intensity interval training for total body, upper or lower body that let you work up a sweat, burn calories and build tone. No workout equipment is needed and appropriate for all fitness levels.

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Cyclemeter – GPS Cycling, Running, Mountain Biking
With training plans, maps, graphs, monitoring, tracking and more, Cyclemeter puts the power of progress in your hand (or wrist). Do more on wheels with easy to use tools that help you challenge yourself to shatter new personal bests.

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Weight trainers, there is an app for you, too. Jefit offers programs for toning, a power and strength routine, 5-day split and more. Easy to customize and track your sets and reps. Use the included calendar to schedule and track workouts. Chart progress and feel successful as you watch your load increase.

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Getting in shape and staying in shape is a lot easier with support, training plans and accountability. No matter your fitness level or schedule, there is an app to help you get moving more and reap the benefits. All apps listed offer a free version and can be used on iOS and Android devices.