What’s your motivation behind working out, if it isn’t weight loss? As it turns out (and according to thousands of studies done on the subject), there’s a high number of powerful, motivation-inducing reasons to feel the burn, and sweat out those calories. Read on to learn all about them!

It Can Actually Reverse Your Stress
Did you know that when you face a stressful day at work and don’t have a healthy release for it at the end of the day, your stress can actually act as toxin in your body, and affect everything from your mental state of mind, to your heart health? Exercise for just thirty minutes a day (any form of exercise such as walking, doing a few yoga poses or taking a jog in your neighborhood will do) and you’ll be able to automatically boost those ‘happy’ brain chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin—feeling happier than ever before.

Working outIt May Just Minimize Your Depression Symptoms
Did you know that by sweating out about 350 calories (or more) per week can actually diminish your anxiety and depression just as well as any antidepressant would? In fact, in 2010 a study was done on yoga participants, and what was shown was that just one 45-minute session of yoga increased their GABA, a brain chemical responsible for an increase in mood and temperament.

It May Help You Get a Raise
Did you know that a jog, a weight lifting session, or even a spin class can affect how quickly you learn, how sharp your memory becomes, or even how productive you are on the job? Taking a swimming lesson or involving yourself in a new body weight cardio class may seem simple, but the truth is, that very simple act of exercise is actually making new brain cells, and creating new connections to allow you to learn more efficiently! Want to work your way up the corporate ladder, or go into your business for yourself with a winning business model plan? Then step on that treadmill!

It Lifts Your Self-Esteem to a Whole New Level
Just by lifting some weights a few times a week, or learning the choreographed moves in a dance cardio class, you can radically boost your confidence level within just weeks! Focus on the improvements you’re making with your body—instead of how far you have to go to reach the ‘finish line’, and you’ll skyrocket your confidence and self-esteem.