The Smith Assisted Squat Machine is a common fixture at most well equipped gyms. Judging from the long line usually found around the machine its ubiquity should not be a surprise; it is a popular piece of equipment. So why do so many fitness aficionados flock to this muscle building machine? The primary benefits are improved stability and balance, a more efficient workout, and increased muscle isolation. The benefit most often cited is it feels safer to bench without a spotter while using the Smith Assisted Squat machine. Read on for a brief overview of these benefits.

Focus on form

The Smith Assisted Squat machine brings a lot to the exercise table. Using it can maximize your workout and minimize injury because the balanced racks allow you to focus on form as well as stability.  When you are benching heavy weights stability is obviously a priority. Not only do you want to avoid the embarrassment of falling, you also want to avoid letting a wayward weight pull your body out of alignment. Because the bar goes up and down rather than forward and back or in a more unwieldy motion you need not worry about falling or straining forward. The result, more controlled movements. The locked bar means better form.

The Smith allows you to protect your shoulders (some users insist the equipment gives an even better workout for shoulders than free weights), legs, knees and back from injury. You are also able to more efficiently engage your glutes and hamstrings. Another bonus, the shoulder press and chest isolation are easier.

Reduce likelihood of injury

Using the equipment helps you to avoid some of the injuries associated with free squats. Again, improved stability also means you are less likely to hurt yourself.

Stay safer without a spotter

The Smith Assisted squat machine uses rods to stabilize the barbells. Because the weight is balanced, the danger of runaway barbells is minimized.  In short, that means the Smith gives you the confidence to challenge yourself with fewer risks to your safety.

Lift more

Many users of the Smith Assisted Squat machine take advantage of the support to bench more. Yes, you can challenge yourself but do so wisely. Give yourself time to build confidence and strength as you increase your weight load.

There are many good reasons to include the Smith in your lifting repertoire. It has a place in your routine whether you are a beginner, an experienced lifter expanding your load or even if you are rehabbing after an injury. Always be careful to use the Smith as intended, and with caution. The risk of injury is reduced only if you follow manufacturer directions and feedback from your own body.