It’s ok to admit it: working out isn’t all bells and whistles. Sometimes, it feels as though you’re all alone—lifting, squatting and lunging—your way to toned arms and a tight tush!—without much knowledge or experience on how to do it right.  That’s what this post is all about—doing it right with success (and having motivation to spare!) Read on to learn just what group personal training can do for you.

Crossfit group trains box jumpYou’re Nothing if Your Head isn’t in the Game

One of the biggest (and if not most important elements) of any workout is your inner dialogue. Think about your last workout in which you struggled to run an extra five minutes on the treadmill, or lift another set of shoulder presses. It’s hard keeping that inspiration to do your best—which means that you may be thinking thoughts of self-doubt or frustration before you get through your second round of squats.

That’s where group personal training comes into play. Having a group of others with similar fitness, health and/or weight loss goals will give you just the right amount of support, encouragement and sense of community you need to focus on what you want to accomplish—not what you can’t.

Just Get Results!

You’ve got goals, whether that means you want to lose stubborn belly fat or increase your muscle mass. The problem is, anytime you run into a lack of motivation, focus, or hit a plateau, you stop meeting those goals. One of the most radical benefits of group personal training is the accountability factor. With group personal training, you won’t just have a personal trainer to hold you accountable for your diet and workout, but you’ll have a whole team of people—just like you!—who want you to be as successful as you do.

Group Of People Exercising Street With Personal TrainerWorking Out Won’t Feel So Much Like ‘Work’

When you work out by yourself, the exercise itself can feel pretty monotonous. Shouldn’t it be fun? We think so! That’s why so many people enjoy group personal training as their preferred method of exercise. It’s a social environment, which means during your rest time (in between the squats, sit-ups and push-ups) you get to laugh, bond and feel supported by others who are going through what you are!

No matter what you’re trying to achieve health, fitness or weight loss wise, group personal training is an excellent way to meet each and every one. Why not feel the burn with a group of people who are going through the exact same thing? When you are part of a community, working out has never been easier and your goals have never been so close within reach.