The gym is a shared space, but without putting yourself in check of ‘workout etiquette’ it can cause disruption to those around you. There are some simple things you can do to help improve your overall gym experience, plus add to the positive experience of others. We lay them all out here, so working out becomes a win/win for everyone involved!

Bring the Basics

Bring the basics. This is the golden rule of gym etiquette; still, so many patrons fail to do it. Think ahead to what you may need for your session: towels(s), water bottle, post-workout snack, sanitizer, and deodorant. The gym is a shared space for everyone who pays for a membership. It doesn’t mean it’s just for you, so be mindful of how you smell, act and clean up during your workout. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

Put Those Weights Back!

How many times have you tried to find the 30-pound barbell, or to discover it’s lying on the floor next to the leg press? A simple way to improve the gym experience is to be an example. When you’re done with a set, put the weights away where you found it. If you notice anything out of order, go the extra mile and place it where it belongs.

Personal Training? Show Up on Time

When it comes to group classes, evaluations, or personal training, remember: you’re on someone else’s time. So, do them a solid and show up on time. If you’re headed to a SoulCycle class, get there a few minutes early to adjust your bike. If you have a training session, commit to your goal wholeheartedly by being present and ready to go (warm-up already done!) a few minutes before it begins.

No matter how small or large of a facility you work out in, or where it the country it may be, it’s important to respect the gym, and fellow patrons who share the space. Put away your weights after use, come prepared (with towels and deodorant in tow!) and show your commitment to fitness by showing up on time, each and every time!